Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Destroyer of Worlds and Eye Balls

Oh my little destroyer of worlds and eye balls what did you do?
To be specific you tore off mama's Cornea. Not just a little bit A LOT of it. That's okay Dr Watson says the more the better to prevent reoccurring tears. It takes longer and its more painful to heal but he is looking for miraculous healing... Yeah um I am not feeling it yet. So it was BETTER than Dear Son tore off the whole Cornea instead of just cut it. Thank you son

Day 1 I had a patch seen above. Almost no vision out of the right eye which has lazy eye because it has been untreated for 20+ years.
Day 2- I get a contact lense to protect the regrowing Cornea (BTW your Cornea regenerates itself every 30 days). So basically my eye is like a skinned knee. My Cornea is like a brick wall without motor with every blink cells are being wiped away.

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