Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 8 30 Days of Truth

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Here pictured are some of my in laws from my first marriage. The one standing is Betsy my first husbands Grand Mother, The elderly woman is Grandmama his great grand mother, Holding Mackenzie is Debbie and the Bride is Jennifer my ex sister in law. Debbie and Jennifer were a challenge since the day I met them. My first impression of Debbie was she sounds a lot like my Helene... Adam and I didn't reveal just how serious we were at this first meeting. Yet once we got home. Debbie called and told Adam that Jennifer told her I confided in Jennifer that I had stolen one of Debbie's pieces of Jewelry and pawned it. Adam reassured his mother that I was with him the whole time and that I didn't even have an ID to pawn anything. I never left the living room! Turns out Jennifer stole the bracelet and pawned it herself. Debbie never treated me like a second daughter or even that I was deserving of Adam. She was right I didn't deserve Adam. He was abusive thanks to her and her husband, They were manipulative and have put me through hell the last 12 years. It really started to show leading up to Adam and I getting married. She wanted to control the whole thing and wanted me to wear the Wool Turtleneck and skirt she was married in. I am allergic to wool and It being the first time I got married I wanted to wear a wedding dress. The Mother of the Bride luckily by tradition is in charge so my adopted mother took care of most of the preparations. Debbie and Betsy didn't end up coming to the wedding. Adam's father, Step brother and sister Jennifer did. Jennifer only did because Adam's father pressured her into it. A few months later I found out I was pregnant with Mackenzie and again Debbie wanted to control it all.. My mom had given me a crib. Debbie and Betsy bought the identical crib, a stroller and a bassinet. I was very grateful but I told her I already had a crib. She said well take it back. I said no it was a gift from my mother. She called Helene a bitch and 6 months pregnant I sure enough ran after her and intended on showing her who was a real bitch! Yes a little bit of white trash for the hormonal 19 year old new mother... The manipulation and abuse continued with the baby shower she canceled and then rescheduled invited her friends only to, then she found out I wanted Adam's father there after I delivered and that didn't go over well. She canceled the Christening and she threw my wedding dress on her lawn and told Adam to come and get it she wasn't making her grand son's Christening gown out of that sluts Wedding Dress. Adam and I kept Mackenzie's middle name a secret because she wasn't thrilled about his name. She likes the family name Foster. Adam doesn't (it was his middle name) Adam came up with Mackenzie Taylor (Taylor after his best friend and the God Father to Mackenzie) then at birth we added Robert as a second last name (after Adam's father) We kept the Robert part a secret. Once Mackenzie was out of the hospital we went up for Debbies Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Everything I wanted to do as a parent Nurse (it was vulgar), cloth diaper (disgusting), I changed his clothes and put him down for a nap one of them would pick him up and boss me around like I was Cinderella. It was nearly impossible to nurse him after that. Once the Christening was rescheduled (again only her people are invited not even the God father) We had to come clean about our secret. That Christmas was the Christening. It was a traumatic Christmas for me. My grandfather had just died. My biological mother was all alone. I was with only his family and they were fighting. Adam and his step father threatened each other and his mother ruined any chance of my son having a normal Christening. My opinion wasn't needed nor appreciated. Jennifer his sister continued to put us through terminal through the first year of our marriage. One time she nearly ran me over. She broke into our house and always caused a problem. If Adam wasn't abusive or controlling. His mother or sister was. I always feared they would use their money and power to try and take Mackenzie and in September 2003 with Adam dead they did... They now have been raising my baby for the past 7 + years. I honestly can say I have one of the WORST Mother in law's in history!

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