Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2--- 30 days of truth

Day 2-- Something I love about myself. I have a caring, forgiving heart. I am always willing to reach out even when others my think they are undeserving. I am loyal and true.I am thoughtful and I always remember little things and when I am out my thoughts say... Oh so and so would love this! I will have to get this or tell so and so about it. I am not selfish or jealous much. I try not to lie and I walk with faith in God to lead me. I love my strength even if at times I don't see it. Other people have told me how strong I am. I have conquered my greatest fears, thrived when I was told the impossible and put up to win the biggest battles of my life. I love the fact that my daughter and sometimes my son's show the compassion they see in my eyes. That makes me happy!

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