Tuesday, February 15, 2011

30 Days of Truth day one

Day 1-- Something I hate about myself. I knew when the doctor planned my second c-section that I was going to have more scars and more flab... What I didn't count on is my Thyroid messing up. So I never lost any of the weight even with the breastfeeding. At least once I get the Thyroid regulated I can change my weight problem. Hopefully ditch the double chin too. Things I hate about me that I can't change are my heavy scars all over my body. Its a love hate because they are battle scars of all the things I have been through. I hate my PTSD for obvious reasons but again I wouldn't have the voice of experience if I didn't have to go through those things. I hate the fact that my emotional instability puts my dear husband and friends through hell. I hate my insecurity that comes with my condition that makes me think people don't like me or that I think I am alone. I have faith in God though to make it right. Anyways thats a start of what I hate about myself

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