Friday, February 18, 2011

Autism and Dr Oz

I have been reading studies, articles and reading pretty much I an get my hands on. I am a strong believer in NOT trusting the word of doctors. I mean if the doctor says remove your left foot it looks like it can kill you... I wouldn't be the first one lined up to do it! ESPECIALLY when it comes to my children. ULTIMATELY I am the only one responsible for my children (okay Rick has some responsibility whatever hasn't been brain washed lol) So for those of my readers who caught Dr Oz the other day when he was talking about the Autism topic. He invited Dr Bob Sears (Son of the Famous Pediatrician)and Autism Speaks... Amongst other "experts", scientists, and Pediatricians. Autism Speaks refused the invite saying they are glad to discuss the topic from diagnosis and on... not the cause.... I think Autism Speaks doesn't want to get into the DEBATE if they are unbiased.

The on going debate whether there is a connection to Autism Spectrum Disorder (Classic Autism, Asperger's Syndrome aka High Functioning Autism, Persuasive Development Disorder_ Not other specified, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and Rett Syndrome) and Vaccines. I know people who believe both sides. I think from what I have read I believe its part of our genetic make up TRIGGERED by possibly something environmental (Vaccines, Pollution, Diet, Drugs, Pesticides, etc) and it clearly has a genetic link. Hopefully soon we can better isolate and study the DNA from this and learn more about it. Its an Epidemic and if it was a contagious disease or something like Cancer we would have the funding for this. Truth is Rett Syndrome is Deadly... Only girls survive outside of the womb and they mostly don't live to adulthood.
The original theory was the mercury based ingredient in MMR was causing the Autism but since the MMR shot started being given there hasn't been a change. Also they took out the ingredient BUT they left in Aluminum (which by the way is a factor in Alzheimer’s disease. So it still remains a debate and a theory. Because symptoms of a normally developing child grow from productive to basically regressive and silent after the MMR or two year mark. (My son was recommended to have the MMR shot at a year old which I declined)

If you ask me what I think of Vaccines.. Peds are probably right the benefits out weigh the risk for SOME! If I still had epilepsy then my children wouldn't have to be vaccinated and there would be NO argument. So why isn't it the same when older sibling(s) have Autism? Why can't doctors just call it like it is... The benefits outweigh the risks there are continual studies on the subject of vaccines and all risk factors including Autism Spectrum Disorders. Like I said before I freely admit to it. Why? Because I see pharmaceutical people in suits with their briefcases on wheels going to the doctors about as much as I do... dishing out their samples, selling their products and leaving their reminders they were there (ever see a prescription sheet, a neat pin, a magazine cover??? notice the ad? )You don't think doctors can't be pressured by this money? Most of the Autism studies are funded by pharmaceuticals umm conflict of interest much? I have to wonder I mean honestly doctors aren't evil but they do have bills to pay and student loans to pay off... We all do... So they don't know what causes Autism so how can they say that 100% its not Vaccines. I dunno don't hate me but I have to believe some doctors or scientists and others are out there just to line their pockets....

Someone I know son was suspected of having Aspergers and was tested and cleared but told to return when he started puberty. Also James was normal developing & functioning with the exception of not being social and having depression. He wasn't diagnosed until 19. The testing completed at 22. So a theory of mine some forms or triggers can happen later perhaps by hormones or puberty? Maybe?
Dr Oz stated his second theory is environmental which they said was anything but genetic. They are showing an increase of people who lived within a quarter of a mile from a freeway during the entire pregnancy. So that is a possible cause. The same scientist that made that statement said everyone wants that ONE smoking gun and she fully believes its not ONE gun it could be a mine field of things. I say it again... I believe with my heart that we have a genetic make up and when in our life we have triggers or conditions in our lifestyle etc... that can bring on the onset of ASD.
The third was age... mother or fathers age... For moms 30% and Dads is 20% The age of 25 or older. I asked these questions. I was born with birth defects and it has always been a concern of mine. I was told as a teenager it SHOULD be a concern when conceiving children. The PCM said nooo there is no connection between Rick's age and anything that could go wrong. Then the OB-Gyn basically told me that my birth defects are caused by Environmental factors and that if it were to happen to my offspring it would be random and coincidence. That I was no longer high risk because of my birth defects but high risk because James has Aspergers. It confused both of us and now I understand. In the end it probably wouldn't have changed our INFORMED decision to conceive William. There is no genetic testing available for Autism.

The stats went from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 100 up to 110 depending on where you are. Why? Could it be that the condition is more recognizable? We understand it better? I know when I was in Middle School everyone and their brother had ADD or ADHD.... EVEN ME! But I don't have Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder. So maybe there could be an over diagnosis? Could it be we have better resources for testing and definitions? Or is it something changing (potentially getting worse killing disabling our future... our children?)

With that said there is no reason with early intervention, diagnosis and a good pediatric doctor that the person with Aspergers (and other diagnosis on the Autism spectrum) cannot function with coping mechanisms and appear to be fairly normal, productive, intelligent, successful future and be productive members of society! I expect this out of James. He MAY have had a late diagnosis. He may have had some delays in treatment but I KNOW he will eventually be just like the rest of us with a twist only James can give LOL. There is no CURE but there is no reason for not COPING. If there is a way to COPE there is plenty of HOPE!

What are your thoughts?

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