Monday, November 29, 2010

Military Monday's Thankfulness Edition

Military Mondays Family and Spouse Carnival at Army Wives' Lives

I am sure thankful that both of my "soldiers" are home this year. I know my husband is home potentially forever. But its not just the military I fear will take him back but thankful to know that my family is safe this year. A pretty healthy (we just got over fighting a bad cold) and happy family all stateside this year is a major milestone for me. Its the first time we are all on one continent at the same time. Even if there is miles apart between Alex, Mackenzie and the rest of us. I am truly grateful for the oceans that aren't! It also makes me appreciate all those who do have loved ones overseas. No matter the continent or country... Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany or Anywhere.

My family or Rick's family of origin may be away or on another continent. They are all close to my heart. I have faced some challenges dealing with my families and my beliefs. This year my mother was alone for the holidays perhaps I hope she was with friends that love her. I wish I could be there for her. In any case I hope she had the best possible holiday I wish her the best. This week she is also celebrating her 54th birthday. I hope she is blessed & has many many more. My heart is troubled with our families but it makes me hold my family of choice (Rick and the kids) closer.

I cherish my friends. Last year I spent my Thanksgiving with a complete feast with my neighbors. They are from Texas so they are away from family living here for the first time last year. We prepared a feast and shared it with this year. I told them this year I would dog sit for them so they could go home for the holiday. I told them we were perfectly happy eating at Ruby Tuesday for Thanksgiving due to the nearly month long Cold virus. They ordered us a feast and it was a total surprise! It was beautiful and yummy! I am grateful for the Culley family for taking care of us.
Bailey sulking he knew his mommy & daddy were leaving

William waiting on food

Skylar. I actually didn't dress them up this year. Skylar wanted to wear her dress from Valentines day and it was extra warm till actually the day after Thanksgiving the thermometer tanked by at least 20 degree's

James & the spread. So we ended up with Turkey, Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing, Green Beans and Corn which were left over from Wednesday night at KFC lol., Biscuits and Skylar had Apple Juice Wine (100% juice), and I had Moscato. The boys had their wine coolers or soda. They bought it for us in return for baby sitting their two hermit crabs and Bailey. Of course you know how Hermit crabs are they cause all kinds of destruction and ruckus... What a pain! Just kidding!

William has found Skylar's headset from her visit to Libby Lu a few years ago and loves them lmao.

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