Friday, November 19, 2010

Is it true when kids are quiet there is something wrong?

have been putting off dental surgery for years. When my dentist (who I just LOVE) told me to do it. My husband was deployed and I only had to wait a few months for him to get home. Well when he got home I got pregnant so I couldn't have any dental work done while I was pregnant. So it got put off. Finally I had to get a new referral and the surgeon went into retirement *ugh*... Then we retired and didn't have dental insurance... Now we have insurance so I made some calls... Actually only one to find the right place that took my insurance. GREAT! They didn't even need a referral from my dentist they will do all the leg work. How often do you get that?

So I made my long awaited appointment. Called my husband and decided to investigate why my 15 month old was so quiet...

I was looking everywhere for him. I am 99.9% sure that anything he can get into is mostly baby proof although he finds ways.... Like climbing on the dining room table and opening baby gates.... But the baby gate has a bungee cord. The other baby gate is just around the TV so I would have saw that... No baby... Anywhere. I freaked for a minute. Hung up on Husband and there William in his bouncy chair from his infant swing next to the couch, He was sound asleep.... When toddlers are quiet they aren't always in trouble. Sometimes they just pull off their PJ's and find a place to zonk out.

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