Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skylar's Birthday Surprise!

Skylar is really into Zebra right now. Since I put her back in a twin bed at her request and sold her full bed. I decided as part of her Christmas or Birthday present we can remake her room into more of a tween room (Why do little girls grow up.) I just hung all the dang fairy princess stuff up last year!
ahh well its all in fun I suppose. The part I love about shopping is the chase and finding all the goodies and gathering ideas. So I am putting my ideas into motion by blogging them (so I don't forget hehe) and get some feed back.

We got awesome Zebra sheets at Old Time Pottery for $11. I got a Pink Minky blanket at Target. My thinking was a little zebra accented in pink but I am getting over ruled so she will have two bed sets for just incases and if Zebra becomes more powerful than Skylar's mommy haha. I got rainbow zebra sheets just for S&G at Big Lots for $8. I got her a body pillow cover too!

I got this bedding at Target.
and this pillow
Now on to the planning I need to find the pictures I took of her room when it was clean haha so you can get a better sense of what I am working with I guess.
Well she has a Doll house looking book shelf similar to the one pictured below. She has a white metal crate shelf as seen below with a bunch of canvas and wood storage containers in it. Most of them are pink, purple, or Hannah Montana. She also has a couple of crunch cans, a toy box, cheap dressers and a TV on a TV stand. Most of her toys in her room are dolls (baby dolls, polly pocket dolls, barbie dolls, build a bears, stuffed animals, doll house dolls, etc) anything that is small enough that it may be a choking hazard to a small child such as her brother.

My friend sent me this webpage

This is a cute little teen bedroom. Thats Skylars bedding on that bed too! But there are no nicnaks or toys much. I have tried to show Skylar and of course she WANTS this but she wants her toys too LOL. I can't expect an eight year old to give up her toys. But I would like to achieve my own creation similar to this one. The only thing I am restricted on is furniture. Which may be able to happen by the Summer but not right now. I am currently thinking about a loft bed I saw on CL but I don't know where I am going to get the $150 lol
That would give me more room to work with. Eh there is also a $75 dollar one on CL but its metal which I would prefer to stay away from.

I was thinking of getting black/pink shelves from different places I saw some cheap combos right now at Target since everyone is doing the back to school. I just need to grab them before they are gone. Maybe a pink bean bag but those can be pricey. Some sparkly black/pink frames from places like Ross, TJ Max, Target, Marshalls, and Kohls. She needs a window treatment, I would love to find some good wall art just not sure what picture would be good (other than the zebra in the example which I can't find!) Some pretty cool pink lamps which are also inexpensive right now. If we don't go with the loft bed then a ceiling fan. Paint maybe an accent wall Pink? Maybe Pink with a chair rail and black hmm?

A chalkboard decal like this is $10 at Tuesday morning and a little more at Target its cheaper and easier than chalk board paint! FOR SURE!



Crystal said...

Art Work: You are pretty crafty. have you thought of purchasing a cheap canvas the size you want to hang & printing off a zebra stencil that you can cut out & use to paint your own? With the canvas you could paint the bacground white, dry, paint the zebra stripes, and if you want it to be shiney, you can put a layer of modge podge on top when it dries.

Bella said...

no but you can sure help me with that LOL