Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skylar troubles

Skylar was playing with someone that lives near by she was in her class last year and Skylar LOVES her and wants to live with her and be her sister. The problem: They are allowed way to much freedom. The mother of the child doesn't watch them. I was told they were allowed to walk around the neighborhood (maybe allowed isn't the word but they DID walk around the neighborhood) and I have also been over there picking up Skylar and Skylar was in the trampoline by herself and complained the girl was over at her neighbors the whole time. So Rick and I put serious restrictions on letting her go over there. A few weeks ago I spoke to the mother about not letting Skylar play outside without an adult closely watching them. Its my rule at home so I expect Skylar to follow it. Her friend isn't allowed to play over here (her mother says so.)

Now a child seems to have discipline problems and mistreats Skylar. I am not seeing any discipline happening. Rick says Skylar isn't allowed to play there. Skylar doesn't understand when I tell her no she just asks what she did wrong and what can she do to earn the priviledge again. I don't want to punish Skylar for the other child's (or their parents) actions. My therapist said its not always my place to come to Skylar's rescue and to let her work out the problems with her friends on her own. SO what is the answer?

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