Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shopping, Fashion, Shoes, Style... err work in progress

I love shopping! It is an addiction! I believe in retail therapy but it isn't always theraputic when the money is gone and the credit card bill comes in the mail. I think it all started with shoes and purses. I used to work for a shoe company and be the female Al Bundy pretty much. I have bad feet so I can't always wear the Steve Madden's... So I fell in love with awesome boots of all types and tennis shoes. Tennis Shoes to me are like my comfort food. I can always go back to my New Balance Shoes or my worn out (need to be replaced) Margaritaville flip flops. The only two pairs of shoes I wear daily. I also love purses. I don't own too many though (In my opinion). I have my Army Combat Uniform Purse (I actually have two ACU bags lol) which people would be shocked if I left home without, I have my favorite book bag purse, and a bright pink hand bag Skylar bought me for my birthday a few years ago. I love Vera Bradley, Dooney and Burke... and all the expensive bags but I am more personal in my taste. If I am spending that kind of money I usually buy something that is custom or handmade. OOAK...
What I would like to dress like or what I would like to be able to afford are two different things. My body just rapidly changed after my third child. I don't think I can really get anymore "juniors" ... it may be illegal now that I am into my 30's. But some misses styles repulse me and my husband says I look old. I want to be relevant. Most days I am stuck in jeans and t-shirts when I would rather be in a suit, a frilly dress, or at least a nice blouse...
I am proud of my husband's career (and his oldest sons career) in the Army. I have lots of Army related and Patriotic T-shirts but there are days even with my wonderful ACU purse in tow I don't want to look like a walking recruitment billboard. I did get the Thank you for your Service and Sacrafice and Thank your husband blah blah blah or general questions about the Army Life. Which I can't speak much of since I haven't experienced what some have.
I think my children are more stylish than I am neverless because I don't get depressed when trying to buy clothes for them. I don't have to worry about hiding the love handles, making sure the top is long enough (ok I do for my 7 year old who is lanky), and that sort of thing. I just see a store full of cuteness at Gymboree and Childrens Place. At Kohls and such I see a store full of evil clothes that don't look right on me, don't fit into my budget... or I just feel lost and overwhelmed. I usually buy what's on the mannequin so I don't have to worry about does this go with that etc... Why don't I have that problem with my kids! I can make cute outfits for my kids. My 7 year old doesn't like sun dresses or tank tops... mom I can't show my pits she says. She has to wear Leggings under everything and or Bike shorts. Shorts can be too short on her (again she is lanky and modest).
So one summer like this one I would like to be able to go into my closet of Army T-shirts and Jeans and Grab out a nice top that isn't a t-shirt and my capri's put on my sandals and GO! I would feel much more femine. While breastfeeding this year your wardrobe is very limited more so than when your pregnant. It was very rough. Now a couple of pounds heavier with new curves and a new body its going to take some time to be comfortable, knowledgable and know how to bring out my inner fashionista!
A good girlfriend would be perfect way to start!

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Meghan said...

Well done!
I have a purse addiction myself.
Addicted to Coach & Furla.

As for clothes shopping, ugh, what a nightmare for me, for my 3 boys relatively easy. Altho I do feel boys get the short end of the stick in fashion.