Sunday, August 22, 2010

My encounter with a working woman

So the area of town I live in is only known for the school shooting that happened last year. A 15 year old shot and killed a 14 year old boy and now he is going to be tried for as an adult. I live off of County Line Road and it literally means that its the end of the county. So once upon a time I am sure this was 99% farm land in the last 10 years anyways. Now of course where there is farms failing there are developers ready to eat the profit. Insert my house. Well on the major road off of County Line is the road that leads to the airport ... Rick, the family, and I were driving along and we saw a woman very thin. I could see almost every bone in her chest and arms, very tanned, long hair and she was wearing little to nothing. We just kinda snickered at her and I figured she was looking for some Meth. Well Rick just called and said he saw the same lady flagging down cars on the side of the road. There are NO houses in this area its industrial, hotels, the airport, and other businesses. So I said well maybe I better just ask the police what's up. I called the city dispatch and she had saw the same lady and described her to me but told me I didn't have the right dispatch I had to call Huntsville dispatch because the lines are drawn real weird around here. I called them and they said nope that's the cities dispatch. So I called her back and she told me to call someone else. Then he told me to call another person and finally they said they would keep an eye out. I mean there is nothing they can do but its close enough to my house and around too many empty buildings to NOT be concerned. So I had to giggle at my working woman and trying to be nice to the police to tell them about our little encounters with her and the fact vehicles are always going behind the old liqueur store near here. When's the last time you were a good citizen and what did you do?

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