Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jig is up. I share an embarrasing moment.

Well on Tuesday I got up put my nice jeans on (Ok so they were a $1 at a yard sale, but they were Avenue, they were soft, and they fit comfy)... I went to Chuck E Cheese to meet the rest of the Military Play group. After Chuck E Cheese we went to Party City, Babies R Us, Michael's and even Rick ran into Target. After we got home I baked cupcakes (Cinnamon Tea Cake) and then went across the street to my neighbor Brittany's. Every time I get into sunlight I sneeze. So I have to crouch down (so I don't wet myself) and pull the cupcakes, ice cream and my coke away from my body so they are germ infested.... I go to Brittany's and we have a good time. Eating cupcakes, opening presents etc... I come home go the bathroom and it looks like a bomb blew out the back of my jeans. I am not talking I split the seam. I am talking about you clearly see my butt! I put pajama pants on and marched over to Brittany and asked if she noticed my hole. I mean crater... She said sorry honey I don't check out your ass LOL. I was mortified and wondered how long it had been there... Like since Chuck E Cheese?

Now I mourn my comfy jeans and had to get an old navy credit card to be able to afford another pair which aren't so comfy and nice *wah*

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