Tuesday, August 3, 2010

childhood dreams

As a younger child I wanted to be a psychologist and even asked my youth Minster about going into ministry. With all my medical problems people thought for sure I would be a doctor of medicine. But I really wanted to be a child psychologist or therapist. As an older child I felt God called me toward being a veterinarian. I saw Mighty Joe Young (the newer version) and that's what I wanted to do. Then I lived on my grandfathers farm and he gave me three young calves to take care of. I mean three buckets of formula, three bottles and young black and white cows to tend to. They are AS demanding as a newborn. If one got hungry at Midnight he would moo at my window of my room. The bull named Midnight was the culprit. Then there was Oreo and Seven. I watched them grow to big cows too. Midnight was a sickly fellow as a young calf though. Since he missed the first precious days of having his mothers milk (Formula feeding mothers take note), he ended up getting an infection in his jaw. The vet and my mom had to hold him down while at the age of 18 I had to cut and drain the infection. It didn't scare me. Neither did the horse in the stall nearby who had gotten tangled up in electric fence of barbed wire. Poor guy was in a lot of pain. A mare nearby was also in heat which was driving him crazy. I have been fascinated by big animals and still am. My favorite animal is a dolphin but I couldn't bare for my hands to do a necropsy on one they are just too magical and majestic for human touch. So Marine biology was out. So I wanted to be a veterinarian for a zoo or for large animals, zoologist or a zoo keeper. Jack Hanna and Steve Irwin are my hero's!

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Betty said...

I think you would have been amazing at any of these! I know that you are my psychologist, lol! You have the hands of a mother, and a nurturer.