Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bye Bye School Bus

When we moved into the neighborhood my neighbor has a 3/4 year old and a 10ish year old. The little boy runs to "Greet" the day and say "goodbye" to his sister. Its more like Bye Sister.... Bye. Come back don't leave!! Its so adorable and I often thought to myself YUP this is what's going to happen to me. Well its a short walk to the bus stop at the end of the road and you can see it from my house. On the right hand side there is a house where in the past year. We have never seen anyone there, anyone leave, anyone come except to mow the law and take care of the newspapers that pile up. I think there were a few Christmas lights. So we joke its going to be one of those houses that will be mysterious as our children grow and they will make stories up of this house at the bus stop.

This year Rick carries William out to the bus stop and we always stay out there with Skylar for her protection. Last year Skylar would play with the 10 or so kids out there. Now she just stays with William. The boy next door still screams for his sister and William waits for the bus to arrive. For the 5 or so minute wait they run around on the sidewalk or up and down the mysterious house's drive way. Its steep so it can be quite a challenge for my diapered fat thighed boy lol. Then as she departs on the bus he does a sad wave and gets real quiet. Then its just him and I for the day.

At 2:45pm its time for the bus to arrive again and we walk to the bus stop (Will & I) to greet Skylar from her day at school. He runs down the side walk to the bus stop and gives an excited wave and sister a big hug when she gets off of the bus. Sometimes he points to the bus and calls out to it. Sometimes he gets distracted by the Military Planes or Chinooks. Everyday she asks to go to a friends house and hte days that I permit he gets so confused that the big bus came and still he doesn't have his sister.I figure soon he will be the little boy at the end of the side walk screaming for his sister.... Maybe the boy next door can help chime in.


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