Thursday, July 22, 2010

A week with Bailey.. Quite the adventure

Bailey and his fabulous neckwear. I think it comes off today. YAY for Bailey.
He'd better not bite his foot anymore!!
Last week most of you know I was watching my neighbors dog. Bailey (the dog who is a Collie Mix) seems to have some confusion. He thinks **I** am his mate. He's a silly thing...

A few months back Brittany (my neighbor) and I were out going for a walk with the babies. Bailey isn't well trained on a lease he actually does better without it. He got his foot tangled with the tire to my stroller. A few seconds before we reached the house he started whining at the pavement. I thought it was just too hot. We reached the door and poor Bailey started bleeding out.
Eventually the bleeding stopped but for months Bailey has chewed at his foot and it got infected. So he was sent to my house with loads of antibiotic and steroids and a cone on his head.
My cats stayed terrified and lived on the second floor which one of them does 99% of the time anyways.
Bailey can't go upstairs because of his cone he's not very graceful with it. He wanted to only eat off the floor, drink water out of the baby pool and only go potty back in his own yard LOL.
(Thank you Bailey for not making my yard dirty)

So I don't know who this is embarrassing for its just a funny story. I was in the living room a few yards but with clear sight of my husband who was in front of my desk in the office/family room/ formerly a dining room. He misjudged my chair and fell down. I laid where I was standing and ROFL (literally). Bailey covered my head with his big ole cone and started sniffing me and licking my face to make sure I was okay.

Now ask me about getting Bailey to take his medicine lol.

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