Monday, July 5, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday-- 4th of July

My friend Betty, Her husband Mike, and their 1 month old Mike Jr... came down for the Fourth. They brought Jacob and Noah too. Jacob and Noah are kids of a friend of theirs. Friday when they came down Betty and I went to the Commissary and then to see Eclipse. Saturday we went off shopping, went to the Space and Rocket Center and we hung out. Sunday we went to church. She said she loved it and it meaned alot! I love my church and I am super proud of it. Then we went shopping again haha. That evening we BBQ'd with my neighbors who are close to me and set off fire works.

Mamarazzi Monday

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Cluttered Brain said...

Aww. sweet. I love the pictures!
Spending time with family over the holidays is always nice.