Friday, July 23, 2010

Clique, spoiled Brat, stuck up B**ch, and Snob

You think you have a clique but really your just pretentious snobs. If you think your bad ass who are weeding out the "weak" take a look at yourself in the mirror. So you pretend like your better than everyone else thats why people don't fit into your clique, group or otherwise known as snob community. Undeserving of your attention. I know how this works I am well aware. You put on your padded push up bra, your fake bake tan, your CZ diamonds, and your expensive clothes you bought on credit. Pretending to be someone you aren't. Desperate Housewives of New Jersey/Atlanta/Orange County... Um all that is .. is a bunch of drama. Why would I want to be part of your clique? So if I don't fit into your world then I can just take notes from Bravo Channel programming? haha. You don't like me why? Because I keep it real? I don't wear expensive clothing? have a boob job... and I don't feel like putting on my Bare Minerals make up everytime you see me because I don't feel the need to IMPRESS you. Oh excuse me the only impressions I make are on my husband in the privacy of my home and God. Your not my ticket into Heaven. Avoiding you will probably get me there faster actually. In the Army Life some of us know that we have our own bunch of drama. There are some wives that cheat on their husbands. I don't want anyone to think we are all that way  however that a good precentage are this way. They aren't. But some are. I also know some Military Wives that create their own sources of drama just to keep their lives interesting. Like the stupid crap I had happen to me on Facebook this week. I have also been ostracized from stupid Military Cliques because my husband wasn't their husbands MOS or I am supposedly a rank whore because I haven't been married to my husband for his length of his career. Oddly enough I wasn't dissed much because of his rank and I know that is a problem for alot of people. Maybe he was in enough middle ground haha. I don't wear his rank, his MOS, his time-in... anything. I wear my Army Wife Patch proudly. I am proud of what **I** have accomplished. I am proud of what HE has accomplished seperately and together. Mommy Groups, Mommy Meetups, Mommy Cliques... You name it they are all nothing but a clique. I pride myself on the group I run myself. I have been running for 10 years because I think we are very varied and I am pretty receptive to all walks of life. Matter of fact I LOVE it except ignorance. Even that can be entertaining. Okay so off track.
You maybe shouldn't leave your group for strangers to join. Perhaps you should recruit from within if your going to be that stuck up. If I don't get dressed up once a week to go to the meat market with you ladies and drink your expensive wine... I am sorry its not the way I roll. If the way I roll makes me ghetto... fine. I laugh though considering the life style I was raised in. Maybe I am anti-snob.
Wait I now interrupt this program for a broadcast emergency system....
Define Snob:
Main Entry: snob

Pronunciation: \ˈsnäb\

Function: noun

Etymology: origin unknown

Date: 1781

1 British : cobbler

2 : one who blatantly imitates, fawningly admires, or vulgarly seeks association with those regarded as social superiors

3 a : one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior b : one who has an offensive air of superiority in matters of knowledge or taste

We now return you to your reguarly scheduled programming

So I guess I don't get it. You pretend to be someone your not, You act spoiled so some people can't stand to be around you, You disregard others and disrespect them by being unreliable. You have to tire yourselves out putting on your best, loading up your credit cards, and stealing precious time away from your loved ones (Like Children, Husbands, Military Members, RELIGON)... So because I keep it real and I don't pretend I don't belong in your clique? Oh I keep it real and I don't stab people in the back and lie that makes me not worthy of your friendship? At what point do you have a meeting of the secret society of stuck up bitches to decide that I am not good enough. I mean I don't think I smell bad, I am not gross, I am on my best behavior (sans alcohol), My kids are nice to your kids, My husband is unsociable but polite? So what's your fucking deal?

Do you think for once that you should just be yourself? I am not into your games and drinking. I don't mind having a good time with some nice girl friends. Just ask about the last Moms Night Out I had, and the one before that. HA I even did it with people in your stupid stuck up clique.. I am so freaking tired of Mommy Groups who aren't supportive and Military Wives weeding out the weak... Honey if they military weeded out the weak then your ass would have been long gone for starting drama long ago. Another blog for another time but the Military is about Politics and Politicians are back stabbing enough they don't need your help. When I go to a play date, a moms night out, a military function. I go to meet NICE people who are honest and true. That have things in common with myself, my husband or my children. I don't even have to like them! As long as my child has fun I am happy. Why do women have to act like overgrown children? We have a hard enough time keeping men from regressing back to the age of 5!

Ugh I have terrible writers block tonight but I got really irritated by this weeks Facebook Drama, A stupid Meetup Group and some people in General. Quit acting entitled and spoiled maybe people will be more honest with you!

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SoldiersAngel said...

holy moly lol... i am in that group but i don't act like that lol