Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kids and Electronics

Some say boys are cheapers than girls. Others argue that boys like the electronics. Thats partly true. Since we have four boys and one girl. I have experienced both sides.

My computer addict James... Loves his Iphone, Ipod ITouch, Xbox, and his Compy 2.0 lol... He bought the computer himself. Now he's just dying to upgrade. He is hardly ever far from some electronic device that has music or a game in/on it.
Alex loves his Ipod and laptop. As long as he can research cars, language, and watch his movies. He is good to go.
Skylar loves to occasionally play with the Wii and Laptop but most of the time she is perfectly happy watching her "1-0-3" on the big screen in the living room.
William he is starting young. He wants everyone's Itouch. James has visualizations on his, on Rick's he wants to kiss Lady Gaga, and on mine... well between my Itouch (with a rubber case), and my cell phone he just wants to get it soaked. LOL he would have a blast with a laser mouse and a laptop if we let him... He's not even a year old!

What are your kids favorite electronics? Do you limit their access? Lets Discuss!

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Jhona O. said...

My kids love their electronics too. We do limit their access. We homeschool our kiddos so these things are at their fingertips all day long. They are not allowed to "play" with their computers or game systems or watch TV until 3pm and even then it's for an hour only. We watch movies as a family and believe me, they still get their cartoons or other shows in. They don't play video or computer games at all on Sundays. I'm not at all against electronic toys and gadgets. We just found that if we didn't have ground rules they over ran our family time. Even I had to limit myself during the day. It's so easy to quickly check your e-mail and have it turn into an hour:)

Thanks for following my blog! You have a great blog and I look forward to getting to know you through it!