Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting to Know you

I hope this day finds you well.
Today is getting to know you Sunday in Mannland5.

Getting to know YOU

The questions this week are.....

1. If you could have one of Superman's, powers which one would you want? Super human strength..Flight..Super human speed..X-Ray vision..etc  If I had a superman power I would say Super Hearing or Strength.

2. The best thing I ever won is....? Materalistically? When I was 13 I won a 27 inch Sony TV, I have one money, poetry contests, Concert Tickets, a gift basket (HUGE) from Playtex, and a pair of shoes from Stride Rite...  Other than that Love & trust... Do you WIN love though?

3. Have you ever skyped with a bloggy friend? Nope. I haven't skyped in years. I have done Oovoo with an online friend Crystal P from my Mommy Group. I have skyped with realitves before LD was free lol

4. What is your favorite Summer month? July... I am patriotic lol

5. Pool, Lake, or Ocean? To swim in the pool. For the view the Ocean... I don't hate the lake either though.

6. One of my favorite Summer memories is.....? Marriage retreat in Panama City Beach and the times my families had family reunions. I love them! Rick's family is really too small for them :(

7. What's your favorite secret bargain? Childrens Place Outlets. Ohmigoodness I still have clothes from when I worked there 4 years ago that Skylar can't fit into but the items cost me less than a $1 lol

8. Do you plan on or have you been watching the World Cup? nah

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