Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are

Rick has had such a hard time finding a job. I feel bad for the decision we made to retire (3 days retired now) and for not going Oconus as a contractor. Then I see reminders of how much luck we already pushed and how we don't need to tempt fate at all. Two tours to Iraq and many more deployments and hardships all over the world later. Rick hasn't had to face combat even when he was there just a year after we started the war. The worst thing that happened to him is a weapon landed on his hand and broke it in 2004. The PX where he was stationed in 2007 was bombed the month before he got there. For the next year Angels were in Taji Iraq keeping the peace and my husband lived with or near Iraqi soldiers. Then I run accross a message board that I use for Military Spouses and one woman cries OMG my husband is gone as she states in a matter of fact message that her husband has died. Please say a prayer for Sgt Ralph Mena's Family, Spouse, and Children. He died in a Non Combat Related incident. I have a friend of a friend that was shot in the back of the head at the age of 19 in Iraq, a friend of mine from high school died in 2007 in Iraq, A fellow soldier in my friends unit was attacked and betrayed in Afghanistan and they took his life. Yet my husband hasn't had a hair shed off his head. Alex is not far behind him as an OEF Veteran at the last legs of his tour. I feel incredibly lucky for the luck we have had as a Military Family. I feel incredibly indebt to those out there that have made a sacrafice and lost the lives of a son, daughter, husband or wife. Also Indebt to those who's husband came back with challenges such as TBI, loss of a limb or even something as small (Yet just as challenging) as Severe PTSD.

As Memorial Day comes close I will add Sgt Mena to my list of Soldiers who I honor this holiday coming at the end of the month.

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