Monday, May 10, 2010

Not My Child... Puppy Love?

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
My seven year old didn't kiss the neighbors seven year old... Not my CHILD!
I got a text from the neighbor saying that my daughter (7 years old) kissed their son (7 years old). Now just on her behalf that he started it lol. But anyways here is t text I got
"OMG, LMAO "A" said Skylar kissed him on the lips because she loves him. So of course he had to kiss her back. He's so embarassed to tell us. Guess we need to have the "talk" with the kids. But they're so sweet :) ~B"
Of course I tell Rick when he gets home with Skylar. We are sitting down for dinner and he asks Skylar. Did you kiss "A"? She says NO!. He says so is "A" lying? He is giving her a very dead serious look. She said I don't know. Her head is down and Rick is now into the staring contest... None of are sure what to do with this love triangle lol.

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