Friday, May 7, 2010

My Take on the Vaccine debate

I have been reading "movements" and information from all types of studies on both sides of the debate.
It all boils down to WE DON'T KNOW!
We don't know if in a decade or two decades they will find something wrong with the vaccines.
We don't know if we will suddenly find ourselves sick from a vaccine.
We don't really know what causes Autism we barely have an isolated gene to figure it out!

BUT what I do know is GOD DON'T MAKE JUNK!
He gave us an immune system and we are supposed to be able to fight diseases. If you get the Chicken Pox Vaccine or the various Influenza vaccines... YOU CAN STILL GET IT!
Not to mention the Chicken Pox one might give you shingles as an adult which is more deadly than it is to children. So would you rather your child have Chicken Pox? I have had it several times I am alive. Ok its not so bad! I swear.
I don't get and I don't give my kids the Infuenza Vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine because its okay to have the flu. Build your immune system. Take Vitamin C. Now for those who have weakened immune systems or Asthma then yes! I think it becomes a personal choice for that particular person and their family.

My personal choice to carefully Vaccinate my children. What do I mean? When William goes in for his 6 month shots, he is actually closer to 9 months. Why is this important? Because he's heavier and hopefully better able to tolerate 5 vaccines. We have a higher risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in my house. I know they don't believe that Vaccines are to blame. But yet the US government has settled out of court with some people on the matter. Do we ReALLY know? They have barely isolated the gene that is responsible for Autism. They THINK it may be genetic, or could be genetic. Since we don't know the cause I basically say you know what we don't know! So why just assume to FDA knows best? Do your own research, make your own opinions. Don't let people bully you into vaccinating or not vaccinating. You can get waivers (I think it may be harder in the Military.)

Some vaccines do have harmful perservatives in it!

Speaking of the Military. I know when the H1N1 crap was so scary (when is the last time you heard of that?) someone said well if they say its okay it must be okay. Wake up and smell the coffee! The Military has been poisoning soldiers for years. Agent Orange? They think Gulf War Syndrome was caused by Chemicals in the air. But face it the Military doesn't like to own up to mistakes. They ignore any sign of bad PR.

My final point is this. Doctors are just well educated humans, Scientists can you guess it? Yes Well eduucated humans. Politicians... well LOL they are human too! As a parent or an adult you have to make your own educated decisions concerning your family and yourself. If doctor says this is the only treatment then I would be the one to research it till I could tell the doctor what my findings are. Second guess them! Question them! Don't just take their word. This goes with vaccines too. Do the research if the risks out weight the benefits then second guess it. Trust your instincts. Believe in your own body and its ability to fight off disease.
oh and yes feel free to open a discussion in my comments, but be respectful...
I am willing to see your side of the studies too.

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