Monday, May 10, 2010

its Stories.... Its love says my seven year old

We were driving around and I am a bit facinated by Cemetery's. I guess its all the trips I went with my guardian to see her mom at the cemetery and our friends at the cemetery. My guardian's mother, step mother and evetually her husband and father's headstones were there in a mausoleum and in front of the garden there we rows of children most of them often unvisited. There were older cemetery's where the headstones are from the last century. So I have been facinated for some time with them. The other day we were just driving around kinda looking for Yard Sales. We passed a cemetery. So we circled through it. The first headstone that caught our eye was a baby. Then another one was a Navy Servicemember that died during Vietnam. Then one was a plot circled in stone with Angel's and John Deer Tractors. A plaque about Grandfathers was also there along with one about if Tears could build a stair way... I got out of the car to take a closer look and I said he must have been a farmer or something. Rick goes its all sad these Wives in Waiting, I said I am all interested in the unique stories. Skylar said its about LOVE. .... How true!

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