Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bailey Love

Bailey is my neighbors Collie. Our general observation is that Bailey has chosen me for his pack. He herds me and other crazy stories that I could tell you but alot of people don't believe me till they see him. Including Rick. So I spend time at the neighbors house (Brittany) because she has kids the same ages as mine. Our 7 year olds are "in love" lol perhaps puppy love? haha.
Anyways I told Brittany I was going to start blogging about Bailey's Devotion.

Here are a few ways he has proven his devotion.
I was sitting on the couch and he laid down with his head on my leg and he would nudge me and give me love bites (looking for fleas?) and come in between the baby and myself. I asked Brittany if he thought Bailey would be jealous of even Rick. So next time Rick & I went over and he did kinda growl at Rick but ended up pouting next to Brittany LOL. Just the other day he snuck out of his house and the kids found him in the back yard. Tonight he knew Brittany was coming over & he sprinted across his yard, the street, and through my yard to my house and strutted in my house. The moment I was going to walk with him and Brittany to go back home he started whining. I was trying to give him encouragement but he would come up to me and walk back into my living room. Repeating the process. I finally got him to walk with me and on the way out he had to mark my mailbox to let all the OTHER dogs to back off LOL.

We were going to buy a fence to get a dog but I really don't think Bailey could handle it lol.

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