Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 year olds shaking their money makers? say what?

What is your opinion? Mine is..
I think that Mother has lost her mind. Taken out of context. NOTHING you do is private anymore blame it on technology. I don't give dirty old men the benefit in getting off on my daughter that way. Whether it be a Bikini at the beach or something like this. My daughter took dance and you don't need to be showing that much skin to show the techincal lines of your body. Umbrella from Rhianna can be a sensual song same as Single Ladies that doesnt make it relavant or not relievent. The moves of the girls were mimicing those of Beyonce. So it was okay but it could have been more original. What happened to CUTE little girls? Who would rather have their little girl grow up too fast like Jon Benet?

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Adrienne said...

I definitely think that it is slightly inappropriate, and this sort of routine can be 'down-played' for young kids. And usually, a good choreographer knows how to do that for young people.

I think that the parents are just trying to cover up for something that they should have caught a long time ago. Little girls should not be bending half way over with their rear all up in the air! They also should not be wearing suggestive outfits. You cannot even wear outfits like that in high school oriented cheer competitions!

Also, yes, the song is popular, but, for their age?? Do they listen to that at home? I sure hope not! i hope they are listening to that miley cirus crap, or whatever... lol. You know!?