Saturday, May 15, 2010

8 year olds shaking their money makers? say what?

What is your opinion? Mine is..
I think that Mother has lost her mind. Taken out of context. NOTHING you do is private anymore blame it on technology. I don't give dirty old men the benefit in getting off on my daughter that way. Whether it be a Bikini at the beach or something like this. My daughter took dance and you don't need to be showing that much skin to show the techincal lines of your body. Umbrella from Rhianna can be a sensual song same as Single Ladies that doesnt make it relavant or not relievent. The moves of the girls were mimicing those of Beyonce. So it was okay but it could have been more original. What happened to CUTE little girls? Who would rather have their little girl grow up too fast like Jon Benet?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Army TIme - Kleenex Alert

Monday, May 10, 2010
Army Time
Since this blog was such a hit with my dear friends, this is closer to the original version...enjoy!

So, there I was sitting in the waiting area of the portrait studio waiting for my kids turn for Christmas portraits (no family picture this year, as my husband had just crossed month four off of the Afghanistan countdown calendar), and I was staring at the sign all mom's have seen -- the one that says "This studio works on baby time" (completely false statment, by the way). All I could think was, "Well, this family works on Army time". While I sat there trying to gain control of the Cheerio circus that was overtaking my one-year-olds stroller tray, all the while trying to keep my 2 1/2 year old from making a break for the toy department (what kind of department store puts the toys next to the portraits?), I tried to articulate what Army time actually means. Here is what I came up with.

Army time is the alarm going off at 0400 every morning, and again at 0415, and 0430, and finally getting your husband to roll out of bed and into his PT's.

Army time is a paper chain 365 links long, so that a two year old has some sort of grasp on how long a year is.

It's the ten seconds it takes to count on your fingers when someone actually gives you a time in Army time...(12, 13, 14...2 o'clock)!

It's three hours and two bottles of wine with two of your best friends trying to figure out how the dang lawn mower works.

Army time is two weeks a year at home, two weeks a year somewhere you wish was home, and forty eight weeks a year somewhere you never thought you would call home.

It's standing over the washing machine at 2 a.m. washing black socks and brown t-shirts that haven't seen daylight since the beginning of a 30 day field problem.

Army time is the longest half hour of your life waiting for a formation to be released so you can hold your soldier for the first time in what feels like a hundred years.

It's the 30 minutes you spend on the phone trying to explain to a customer service representative who knows nothing about your life that you will, in fact, not be paying a penalty to cancel your cable (or internet, or satellite, or phone contract) early, because the Army is making you move.

Army time is six houses in nine years, and making each one more comfortable and easier to pack than the last.

It's the two minutes where you think your heart might actually pop out of your chest with pride while the National Anthem plays, and the ten minutes you spend ranting to whoever you are with about the people who didn't even have the respect to stop walking, or talking, or take off their hats.

Army time is getting in the car with your husband at three in the morning to drive downtown and pickup a soldier that (thankfully) called for a ride back to the barracks, because that is what we do.

It's phone calls at 3 a.m., flag call at 5 p.m., schools that are six weeks long and schools that are six months long, three years until the next duty station (oh wait, did we say you could stay for three years? Sorry, we meant one year, or six years, or sometimes 20 years).

It's three days in the car with a one year old, a three month old, and a grumpy infantry guy trying to get to your new home.

Army time is a 6 month lease versus a 12 month lease, and maybe we'll buy next year. It's the two hour, or twelve hour, time difference between you and your best friend.

Army time is two hours a week watching your kids and two sets of your friends kids wreak havoc on your playroom so that you can have four free hours a week -- hopefully to squeeze in a nap and a bath.

It's the three months you nag your husband to enroll for the correspondence courses he needs to get promoted, and the three weeks you spend cursing the person who thought up correspondence course, because, after all, we know who really does those ; )

It's the time spent trying to figure out how your ovulation cycle fits into your husbands deployment schedule, and aiming to make your due date coincide with his dwell time.

Army time is the two hours you spend on FB trying to catch up with the friends you have left at other duty stations, and the two hours you spend FB chatting with the friends at your current duty station.

It's twelve two hour trips to the airport before you find a shortcut..and then your family realizes there is an airport in the town where you actually live.

Army time is slow months waiting for promotion points, and promotion lists, and promotion boards.

Army time is twenty minutes that feels like two hours standing in line at the post office with two small kids and two big boxes addressed to Afghanistan (carrying at least one or two things that aren't supposed to be in there).

It's the five seconds that your heart is still every time the phone rings, or there is an unexpected knock on the door.

Army time is undoubtedly the craziest time of my life. It's a time that leaves you feeling helpless and lost, elite and proud, strong and broken, all at the same time. It's constantly living outside of your comfort zone, making family out of friends, and being blessed to be part of something bigger than yourself.

But, really, I think that when I'm old and my kids ask what the best time of my life was, I'm going to tell them that it was the Army time.

Here's Who I Play In Real Life: Army Time

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bailey Love

Bailey is my neighbors Collie. Our general observation is that Bailey has chosen me for his pack. He herds me and other crazy stories that I could tell you but alot of people don't believe me till they see him. Including Rick. So I spend time at the neighbors house (Brittany) because she has kids the same ages as mine. Our 7 year olds are "in love" lol perhaps puppy love? haha.
Anyways I told Brittany I was going to start blogging about Bailey's Devotion.

Here are a few ways he has proven his devotion.
I was sitting on the couch and he laid down with his head on my leg and he would nudge me and give me love bites (looking for fleas?) and come in between the baby and myself. I asked Brittany if he thought Bailey would be jealous of even Rick. So next time Rick & I went over and he did kinda growl at Rick but ended up pouting next to Brittany LOL. Just the other day he snuck out of his house and the kids found him in the back yard. Tonight he knew Brittany was coming over & he sprinted across his yard, the street, and through my yard to my house and strutted in my house. The moment I was going to walk with him and Brittany to go back home he started whining. I was trying to give him encouragement but he would come up to me and walk back into my living room. Repeating the process. I finally got him to walk with me and on the way out he had to mark my mailbox to let all the OTHER dogs to back off LOL.

We were going to buy a fence to get a dog but I really don't think Bailey could handle it lol.

Tempt My Tummy tuesdays

Blessed with Grace

So my mom is the type of cook that doesn't use measurements. I remember when I was little my mom would make chicken in a bowl with rice and it had a bit of a kick. I have been craving this too lol. but when i ask her how to make it she's like its just a couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts in a pan with an inch or so of water with dried rice and cook in the oven. Okay but for how long What spices? she doesn't know lol But I WANT SOME!

Temp my tummy part 2.. So I could eat at Zaxbys, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Bumhauers Wings like every week. So I think I should learn to make lemon pepper wings and buffallo wings. If you have any tips please leave me a comment.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not My Child... Puppy Love?

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
My seven year old didn't kiss the neighbors seven year old... Not my CHILD!
I got a text from the neighbor saying that my daughter (7 years old) kissed their son (7 years old). Now just on her behalf that he started it lol. But anyways here is t text I got
"OMG, LMAO "A" said Skylar kissed him on the lips because she loves him. So of course he had to kiss her back. He's so embarassed to tell us. Guess we need to have the "talk" with the kids. But they're so sweet :) ~B"
Of course I tell Rick when he gets home with Skylar. We are sitting down for dinner and he asks Skylar. Did you kiss "A"? She says NO!. He says so is "A" lying? He is giving her a very dead serious look. She said I don't know. Her head is down and Rick is now into the staring contest... None of are sure what to do with this love triangle lol.

Mamarazzi Monday

William has a cute sweater made by a friend of Rick's Paternal Aunt
Skylar and Aidan making Mothers Day crafts in the office
and Aidan and Skylar playing Soccer. Its their first win 6 to 1... wow guys!
Mamarazzi Monday

its Stories.... Its love says my seven year old

We were driving around and I am a bit facinated by Cemetery's. I guess its all the trips I went with my guardian to see her mom at the cemetery and our friends at the cemetery. My guardian's mother, step mother and evetually her husband and father's headstones were there in a mausoleum and in front of the garden there we rows of children most of them often unvisited. There were older cemetery's where the headstones are from the last century. So I have been facinated for some time with them. The other day we were just driving around kinda looking for Yard Sales. We passed a cemetery. So we circled through it. The first headstone that caught our eye was a baby. Then another one was a Navy Servicemember that died during Vietnam. Then one was a plot circled in stone with Angel's and John Deer Tractors. A plaque about Grandfathers was also there along with one about if Tears could build a stair way... I got out of the car to take a closer look and I said he must have been a farmer or something. Rick goes its all sad these Wives in Waiting, I said I am all interested in the unique stories. Skylar said its about LOVE. .... How true!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My Take on the Vaccine debate

I have been reading "movements" and information from all types of studies on both sides of the debate.
It all boils down to WE DON'T KNOW!
We don't know if in a decade or two decades they will find something wrong with the vaccines.
We don't know if we will suddenly find ourselves sick from a vaccine.
We don't really know what causes Autism we barely have an isolated gene to figure it out!

BUT what I do know is GOD DON'T MAKE JUNK!
He gave us an immune system and we are supposed to be able to fight diseases. If you get the Chicken Pox Vaccine or the various Influenza vaccines... YOU CAN STILL GET IT!
Not to mention the Chicken Pox one might give you shingles as an adult which is more deadly than it is to children. So would you rather your child have Chicken Pox? I have had it several times I am alive. Ok its not so bad! I swear.
I don't get and I don't give my kids the Infuenza Vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine because its okay to have the flu. Build your immune system. Take Vitamin C. Now for those who have weakened immune systems or Asthma then yes! I think it becomes a personal choice for that particular person and their family.

My personal choice to carefully Vaccinate my children. What do I mean? When William goes in for his 6 month shots, he is actually closer to 9 months. Why is this important? Because he's heavier and hopefully better able to tolerate 5 vaccines. We have a higher risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in my house. I know they don't believe that Vaccines are to blame. But yet the US government has settled out of court with some people on the matter. Do we ReALLY know? They have barely isolated the gene that is responsible for Autism. They THINK it may be genetic, or could be genetic. Since we don't know the cause I basically say you know what we don't know! So why just assume to FDA knows best? Do your own research, make your own opinions. Don't let people bully you into vaccinating or not vaccinating. You can get waivers (I think it may be harder in the Military.)

Some vaccines do have harmful perservatives in it!

Speaking of the Military. I know when the H1N1 crap was so scary (when is the last time you heard of that?) someone said well if they say its okay it must be okay. Wake up and smell the coffee! The Military has been poisoning soldiers for years. Agent Orange? They think Gulf War Syndrome was caused by Chemicals in the air. But face it the Military doesn't like to own up to mistakes. They ignore any sign of bad PR.

My final point is this. Doctors are just well educated humans, Scientists can you guess it? Yes Well eduucated humans. Politicians... well LOL they are human too! As a parent or an adult you have to make your own educated decisions concerning your family and yourself. If doctor says this is the only treatment then I would be the one to research it till I could tell the doctor what my findings are. Second guess them! Question them! Don't just take their word. This goes with vaccines too. Do the research if the risks out weight the benefits then second guess it. Trust your instincts. Believe in your own body and its ability to fight off disease.
oh and yes feel free to open a discussion in my comments, but be respectful...
I am willing to see your side of the studies too.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are

Rick has had such a hard time finding a job. I feel bad for the decision we made to retire (3 days retired now) and for not going Oconus as a contractor. Then I see reminders of how much luck we already pushed and how we don't need to tempt fate at all. Two tours to Iraq and many more deployments and hardships all over the world later. Rick hasn't had to face combat even when he was there just a year after we started the war. The worst thing that happened to him is a weapon landed on his hand and broke it in 2004. The PX where he was stationed in 2007 was bombed the month before he got there. For the next year Angels were in Taji Iraq keeping the peace and my husband lived with or near Iraqi soldiers. Then I run accross a message board that I use for Military Spouses and one woman cries OMG my husband is gone as she states in a matter of fact message that her husband has died. Please say a prayer for Sgt Ralph Mena's Family, Spouse, and Children. He died in a Non Combat Related incident. I have a friend of a friend that was shot in the back of the head at the age of 19 in Iraq, a friend of mine from high school died in 2007 in Iraq, A fellow soldier in my friends unit was attacked and betrayed in Afghanistan and they took his life. Yet my husband hasn't had a hair shed off his head. Alex is not far behind him as an OEF Veteran at the last legs of his tour. I feel incredibly lucky for the luck we have had as a Military Family. I feel incredibly indebt to those out there that have made a sacrafice and lost the lives of a son, daughter, husband or wife. Also Indebt to those who's husband came back with challenges such as TBI, loss of a limb or even something as small (Yet just as challenging) as Severe PTSD.

As Memorial Day comes close I will add Sgt Mena to my list of Soldiers who I honor this holiday coming at the end of the month.