Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prayer Log

Here is my prayer list for the week
1. I am an Army Wife, Air Force/Navy Daughter, Army Mom, Airforce sister, and my grandfather was in Korea as a Marine. My first prayer is to keep Alex safe and bring him home safetly. May God's great hand guide him through his trials and surround him with safety. I pray for my friends husbands who are currently deployed or preparing for deployment. As well as other family members and friends. You guys ARE hero's!
If your loved one is deployed give me their first name and last initial and branch and they will be added every week.

2. I pray for my friends who are recently seperated from their husband under not the best of circumstances but I know both ladies are really strong and will do a fabulous job!

3. I pray that Rick will find a job SOON

4. I pray to keep my kids safe and healthy. Mackenzie will eventually be home where he belongs.

5. I pray for my country and our president, and law makers.

6. I pray for my marriage.

7. I pray for health of my family. especially my mother and Step father who was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

8. I pray for my sisters, nieces, and nephews...

9. I pray for my church in their new endeavor

10. I pray for my friends pregnancies :) Happy and Healthy

God Will provide! Can I pray for you?

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