Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

It probably wasn't me that will probably change this a few several times today.

It wasn't me who started planning for William's 1st birthday 15 weeks before his birthday! I know I am not alone many moms in my August 2009 Babies Circle also started planning but they started two months ago! I have been saving info on the blog and making lists... I am a bit OCD and enjoy planning. It wasn't my child who is doing his best to walk at 8 months and growing up way to fast! I should have known but I am in denial.

 It wasn't me who didn't go to Skylar's soccer practice on Friday because it wasn't the baby who just was indifferent. It wasn't my princess that came home disappointed because two boys from her soccer team were teasing her. One of which is her little boyfriend. He pleaded that she put her cleats on him and hit him because he took the ball from him. She denied such a story. So I grounded her and his mom grounded him. We both gave in early at 5 pm yesterday from a full weekend of no friends lol. They are much easier to deal with when they are together versus apart lol.

I would never buy Gymbobucks just so I could buy more Gymboree stuff.. Hey but it was half off! It wasn't me that was ready full cart ready to check out when I really just wanted ONE onesie... IE crashed and when I came back the onesie was gone so I replaced it with more stuff lmao.
Wanted Little Aviator Onesie 6-12 months lol

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