Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Experience with my Breastfeeding

With my oldest born. I didn't have alot of support except people telling me I HAD to breast pump. It was really intimidating. I was very young and very modest. I did give it honest effort. I left the hospital after three days and visited the in laws. Engoregement wasn't something I was prepared for. Everytime i turned around my Mother In Law at the time kept giving him a bottle telling me breastfeeding was vulgar. Of course I knew that was ridiculous.
With my second I tried and did it for up to six months. I had her peditrician tell me I was starving her and to supplement with formula. I thought he was more pro breastfeeding since his wife nursed for two years. Finally when my daughter was 6 months old I had to have major surgery and even though the La Leche League told me it was safe to breastfeed with Morphine in my system. I didn't feel right about it and I was going to be hospitalized three days. So she was switched to formula for good at that time.
Now this is my last child and I got lucky and found a barely used Pump In Style for a price I could afford. i had tried all the other brands with the last baby in hopes of salvaging my mess. I knew the pump in style would be awesome. At this time I had remarried before becoming pregnant and my husbands youngest sound just wasn't comfortable with the pumping although he had gotten more used to the idea of nursing. Down the road I am still nursing and I am so glad I haven't given up...
My Pump In Style has been great for road trips etc... I am giving it up and all its accessories to my pregnant friend because I want to give her as much breastfeeding support as I can. At the same time Rick is retiring from the Army and I might have to go back to work. I am afraid of the thought of giving up now at 8 months. I am afraid of giving up my pump too.

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