Monday, April 19, 2010

My Children are Spoiled but not Spoiled Rotten

Do you think its rude to ask if your child is spoiled? What is your reply?

I was asked today if William is spoiled. Not that such a question phases me or bothers me. I don't care what others opinion of my parenting is. I realize we don't all parent the same. Some have strict bedtimes. Skylar goes to bed when she is tired and 99% of the time its before 9 o'clock. She also gets up every school morning at 5:30 and gets a shower or bath. We don't have scheduled dinner time. We usually eat about 5:30 - 6 unless we have plans. Its what time I ate growing up so it didn't kill me lol. I am not strict on scheduling things I can't live like that. But some people have to have a very strict structure. If I did and I ever went off my schedule all havoc and choas would be all over the place. I would rather not stress myself out unneccessarily.

 I do consider my children spoiled. Skylar has way too many toys that she hardly plays with. her closet is busting at the seams just ask Betty (or Gymbo how much I spent this weekend lol), Up until I got pregnant with William I would carry Skylar if she wanted. She still sits in my lap and I still rub her head. With William is it... See More possible to spoil a child under the age of 1? Or do they just know what they need? If he needs to be held then he gets held. Sometimes I need to hold my children its a need **I** have. Does William get nursed to sleep? Yes! Does he share my ice cream YES! The doctor even okay'd it. Does he pretty much eat anything that won't kill him or that isn't ridiculously bad for him (ie candy) YES! Does he nurse first thing in the morning just to get an extra hour of sleep YES! Does he co-sleep SOMETIMES. Can these be bad habits of course! But Skylar is a healthy happy child and I haven't fubar'd her yet so I am doing pretty well LOL. I do not spank my children nor will anyone else. She doesn't need it. She doesn't even have a temper trantrum that often (by often I mean one every few months) So why would i spank her? I was beaten as a child I can't bring myself to let my anger control me that way in harming my child. There is a fine line between punishing your child and loosing your own temper. Do I wait on her hand and foot. NO She cleans up after herself, she can fix her own food, She helps me whenever asked. She probably has more chores than most children. So does she deserve a build a bear or a new dress. Well I think so. It doesn't matter what you think LMAO.

My kids are spoiled but not spoiled rotten. They don't scream at Walmart if they don't get to get a new toy. They don't break things in fury. I have dealt with the child that takes off running in a parking lot, or in a store. Skylar doesn't have this issue. What did I do differently if I SPOILED my child? I have known children that won't sit in a buggy properly while their parent shops but sat fine for me. Things that make you go hmmm. She gets disappointed sometimes and pouts and whines but she is a child and will act like a child. as many compliments I get on Skylar's behavior and eating habits I must be doing something right... She's not perfect but she is a Good Girl.

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