Saturday, April 10, 2010

Getting to Know Me April 10th edition

  1. My birthday is on Tuesday I will be 31. I will age gracefully. My children aging on the other hand breaks my heart.
  2. I was born in Westminster California.
  3. My biological father lives in California. As well as my half siblings Jessica and Gary. I haven't seen them since I was 10.
  4. A lady got me as a ward of the state at the age of 12. I owe her so much
  5. She doesn't speak to me anymore since I moved to Alabama.
  6. I am okay with it now.
  7. My biological mother lives in Georgia. I visit as often as I can.
  8. I have two biological sisters. One has three sons, the other has a boy girl set of twins and one older daughter.
  9. My middle sister is an Air Force Wife and she was in the AF herself.
  10. I have two sons and a daughter biologically. I have two step sons as well.
  11. I am an Army Wife and An Army "Mom"
  12. I am a poet but don't write as much as I did in High school
  13. I believe in Attachment Parenting
  14. I am a Christian that believes in some Jewish Fundimental beliefs
  15. Rick is my second marriage. I was a widow when he met me.
  16. I was married, with two kids, and a widow at my Step sons age.
  17. My Maternal Grandmother is my Guardian Angel. I dream of her often but I never met her outside of my dreams.
  18. I think my cat Lightening has manifested herself in our two cats since she passed away in October.
  19. I don't want William to learn to walk yet.
  20. I would love to be a photographer but don't think God gave me that talent.
  21. I love to sing but i don't have that talent either.
  22. I love shoes but my feet are too weird for the fancier dress shoes
  23. I love scrapbooking
  24. I love decorating
  25. I love shopping
  26. I love Star Wars but I am not into sci fi... My husband is and its weird we work out lol
  27. Seaquest DSV is another one of my favorites
  28. I had two c-sections. I wanted a VBAC.
  29. I am from the Home of the Gone with the Wind Story. Wouldn't it be neat to say your from the home of Sound of Music?
  30. Marketing, Serial Killers, Classic Litature... are interesting to me.
  31. My male friend says I am like a boy trapped in a girls body because I know alot about cars lol
  32. my favorite person other than my kids died July 22, 2002 ... when my oldest was nearly 2 months old. My favorite person is my Grand Father we call Papa Bear.
  33. Tulips remind me of Papa Bear
  34. Diamonds are my birth stones and I like them but Blood Diamonds make me prefer Sapphires.
  35. Sapphires aren't any of my kids birth stones
  36. Rick is 15 years older than me. He may have robbed the cradle but it was the best damn cradle.
  37. Rick is 15 years older than me but in many ways I have more real life experience
  38. Rick has been to war Twice.
  39. I have read the bible. probably more than once
  40. I am a bit of a pack rat.
  41. I have had the same doll since I was 3
  42. I love my head rubbed and have since I was little
  43. I have had surgeries done on my face, hand, foot, arm, head, leg, stomach, mouth, ears, nose, fingers, toes...
  44. I was born with a sixth toe on my right foot and a webbed finger also on my right (hand)
  45. I would like to be a zoologist
  46. I look up to Jack Hannah, Steve Irwin, and Bindi is an awesome person for her age
  47. I am pro life and proud if it bothers you I would rather not speak to you.
  48. I don't like Walmart and rarely shop there. If I can't find it at Target or Kmart I don't really need it.
  49. I have two cats and a bird for my pets
  50. Dove is better than Godiva chocolate.

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