Sunday, April 4, 2010

Deployment Conversations are frustrating.

Alex called this morning to ask for his mothers number which as far as I know is disconnected. I know I have to try and refrain from giving him the third degree. I need to not ask OPSEC questions. Even though we are dying to know what happened. He did say he was "moving" to another area that is safer. He hasn't been busy with work... Does that mean he can't work? Its so awkward for me to talk to someone who is deployed because I know what they need to hear. They need to hear Skylar like speak where she is so excited on the phone she talks about the colors of the toys in the toy box. He asked how his younger siblings were and I give him the quick break down because in my mind no one wants to listen to the mundane, monotone, humdrum of real life drama. So its hard for me to give him Skylar speak, not be nagging or asking questions, don't violate Opsec, all awhile try not to think that the boring stories bore him too. I tell him the basics that Rick is looking for a civilian job, That James is still in therapy and going to tutoring to help his math skills (with what I disagree with), Skylar's doing okay in school but needs improvement. Shes definitely learning but at the same time the teacher tells us that she is having problems but won't speak to us so I had to sick the Army officials on her ass, That Skylar started soccer but took one to the head for the team to score a goal lol. That she is on an all boy team. Then William who has had his virus but seems to be okay now, That he is trying to learn to stand and being the little mischievous one. How Skylar and James get along most of the time and can work together. Etc. I told him a little about our marriage retreat then I feel like well he probably hears every other sentence due to the connection lmao. Then get frustrated at myself again lol. God I love Deployment 6 more months to go, I said to him see you in October or September and he said maybe sooner... THATS NOT GOOD! UGH

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Betty said...

At least this is your last one girlie...and after this all you'll have is those of us who's hubbys are still in bitching about what you remember so well. It will all smooth out girl, I promise.