Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friends don't let Friends who are Soldiers deploy alone

Friends Don't Let Friends who are Soldiers Deploy alone.

I have been an Army Wife for three years. Shortly after I became his wife he got orders to deploy. I knew I needed to fall into a group of ladies that were experienced in deployment. Lucky me I got an abundance of them. All were experienced not all were your "Claudia Joy"... some were just the ones rooted in drama. Then along came wives who messaged me on line after searching for the profile or found me in some way to help them because their husband deployed and they had no idea what to do with themselves. Some locked themselves in closets hoping that the world around them would disappear. Some didn't even know they had a housing allowance, POA, or Tricare available to them.

I was just sitting here thinking wow this is my first time and I have my boot straps on a little tighter than these other "newbies." I know that I have been to some FRG meetings. I know how they can be informative. I have been through FRG training too. Even though I have only been stationed on a TRADOC post. I have been learning as much as possible before the big event and these poor wives that contact me don't have a clue.

Is it the wife that doesn't live *IN* the Army Life that doesn't even KNOW where the closest Army Post is to her uneducated and inexperienced out of just distance? Therefore I know she's never even been introduced to her FRG (Family Readiness Group). Is the wife left unprepared because the Soldier doesn't educate her or educate himself? Is it due to that it being the soldier its their first deployment? Is it something else?

I see it happen way to much. Its no fault of the Military and not really the fault if the solider is unsuspecting. But you would think that there would be someone out there to tell the soldier about POA (Power of Attorney), House allowances, and other deployment preparations.

Yet again a good friend of mine contacts me as she is hit by the deployment chaos. You know the Murphy's Law of deployments hits. Everything breaks, the LES isn't right, They are still taking out your BAH at your old place. Your left to get by with Ramen Noodles till payday again! You have no idea what to do! Because Soldier and Military Spouse are left unprepared for the ultimate challenge.

I ask of you my fellow Military Wives and Moms. If you have survived your husband's ( or son's) deployment If you know someone who is deploying soon make them your "special case" make sure they have a POA for everything even the things you don't think about. Make sure all the allotments are lined up perfectly. Make sure she has chocolate and wine hidden in her cabinet and stocked up on Care package items with the best numbers to call with the questions. You would do it for the new mom in your life well this is sort of the same. Give her the instruction book of know how for surviving and THRIVING during a deployment. Do her a favor and save yourself an uninterrupted night of sleep because she won't be calling you at 1 am with an urgent question. Give her the gift of knowledge and lend her your battle buddy love from one Military Wife to another.

Bella (Armyknightslady) S

Army Wife to Rick retiring after 24 years of service veteran of OIF

Army "Mom" to Alex veteran of OEF/OIF

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You Thursday

I am thankful for Bartow County Sheriff's Department for checking in on my sister making sure she is okay.

I am thankful for Brittany my neighbor. Its night to have someone similar to me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"None of us has gotten where we are solely by pulling ourselves up from our own bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped us." Thurgood Marshall

Monday, April 19, 2010

No 8 on Forbes List

Huntsville metro area takes the No. 8 spot on Forbes list

By Marian Accardi

April 15, 2010, 4:48PM

HUNTSVILLE -- There's another top 10 ranking for Huntsville.

The metro area is ranked No. 8 among 200 metro areas in the country in Forbes magazine's Best Places for Business and Careers.

In the ranking, the Huntsville metro area - with a population of 406,000 - captured second place in job growth projected (based on three-year annualized figures) and ranked 37th among the 200 largest U.S. metros in educational attainment. It was No. 112 in the cost of doing business, an index based on the cost of labor, energy, taxes and office space.

"These national rankings and recognitions have benefited us so much in economic development efforts" in encouraging businesses to locate here and existing businesses to grow here, said Brian Hilson, the president and CEO of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce. "We found these rankings are equally helpful in attracting talent and growing our workforce.

"People who are candidates for jobs here are motivated when they see an independent ranking," said Hilson, especially when the ranking is made by a major publication like Forbes. "It just adds to the credibility of our location."

"We're very, very fortunate that our community is not feeling the effects (of the economic downturn) as much as other cities," said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, who's attending the Army Aviation Association of America's 2010 conference in Fort Worth. "This (ranking) validates that our community is moving forward."

Huntsville was ranked No. 15 in 2009.

Forbes' 12th annual ranking looked at the 200 largest metro areas, which range in size from the New York City metro with 11.7 million people to Merced, Calif., with 245,000 residents. It ranked areas on 12 factors, including costs (business and living), job growth (past and projected), income growth, educational attainment and projected economic growth. The study also considered quality-of-life issues like crime, cultural and recreational opportunities and net migration patterns and examined the percentage of subprime mortgages over a three-year stretch and the number of highly ranked four-year colleges in the area.

Other Alabama cities and their 2010 rankings are: Montgomery, 53; Mobile, 62; and Birmingham, 78.

Auburn is No. 6 on the top 25 Best Small Metros list.

The top of this year's list, according to, includes cities in "flyover" states, areas with reasonable business costs, strong economic outlooks and a solid quality of life.

The No. 1 spot goes to Des Moines, Iowa, which was in seventh place last year. Iowa's capital has 562,000 people in the metro area and features business costs 15 percent below the national average. It has an educated labor supply as 33 percent of adults have college degrees (ranking 46th among the 200 largest metros) and 92 percent have high school diplomas.

Last year's winner, Raleigh, N.C., dropped to third this year.


Mamarazzi Monday

Mamarazzi Monday

Anne Marie on Household 6 Diva: A Blog come up with Mamarazzi which she describes as a Momma's version of Papparazzi. Do you keep your camera within reach incase you catch your kid dressing the dog, with a milk mustache, or those precious milestones? I have two camera's and if I am lucky they both won't be dead at the same time LOL

Yesterday at the park we found a week ago. Skylar begged to go back because she had good church clothes on and I wouldn't let her play.

Misc pictures

My Children are Spoiled but not Spoiled Rotten

Do you think its rude to ask if your child is spoiled? What is your reply?

I was asked today if William is spoiled. Not that such a question phases me or bothers me. I don't care what others opinion of my parenting is. I realize we don't all parent the same. Some have strict bedtimes. Skylar goes to bed when she is tired and 99% of the time its before 9 o'clock. She also gets up every school morning at 5:30 and gets a shower or bath. We don't have scheduled dinner time. We usually eat about 5:30 - 6 unless we have plans. Its what time I ate growing up so it didn't kill me lol. I am not strict on scheduling things I can't live like that. But some people have to have a very strict structure. If I did and I ever went off my schedule all havoc and choas would be all over the place. I would rather not stress myself out unneccessarily.

 I do consider my children spoiled. Skylar has way too many toys that she hardly plays with. her closet is busting at the seams just ask Betty (or Gymbo how much I spent this weekend lol), Up until I got pregnant with William I would carry Skylar if she wanted. She still sits in my lap and I still rub her head. With William is it... See More possible to spoil a child under the age of 1? Or do they just know what they need? If he needs to be held then he gets held. Sometimes I need to hold my children its a need **I** have. Does William get nursed to sleep? Yes! Does he share my ice cream YES! The doctor even okay'd it. Does he pretty much eat anything that won't kill him or that isn't ridiculously bad for him (ie candy) YES! Does he nurse first thing in the morning just to get an extra hour of sleep YES! Does he co-sleep SOMETIMES. Can these be bad habits of course! But Skylar is a healthy happy child and I haven't fubar'd her yet so I am doing pretty well LOL. I do not spank my children nor will anyone else. She doesn't need it. She doesn't even have a temper trantrum that often (by often I mean one every few months) So why would i spank her? I was beaten as a child I can't bring myself to let my anger control me that way in harming my child. There is a fine line between punishing your child and loosing your own temper. Do I wait on her hand and foot. NO She cleans up after herself, she can fix her own food, She helps me whenever asked. She probably has more chores than most children. So does she deserve a build a bear or a new dress. Well I think so. It doesn't matter what you think LMAO.

My kids are spoiled but not spoiled rotten. They don't scream at Walmart if they don't get to get a new toy. They don't break things in fury. I have dealt with the child that takes off running in a parking lot, or in a store. Skylar doesn't have this issue. What did I do differently if I SPOILED my child? I have known children that won't sit in a buggy properly while their parent shops but sat fine for me. Things that make you go hmmm. She gets disappointed sometimes and pouts and whines but she is a child and will act like a child. as many compliments I get on Skylar's behavior and eating habits I must be doing something right... She's not perfect but she is a Good Girl.

Mommy Guilt Monday

Mama Guilt Mondays

I have no mommy guilt. Well I did let Skylar eat chicken nuggets (Thank you Tyson and Jamie Oliver) and I didn't want to fuss with her about a veggie that she would eat without a fuss when I know she likes them all. But still she fusses. So yesterday her veggie was just ketchup lol.

Not Me Monday

It probably wasn't me that will probably change this a few several times today.

It wasn't me who started planning for William's 1st birthday 15 weeks before his birthday! I know I am not alone many moms in my August 2009 Babies Circle also started planning but they started two months ago! I have been saving info on the blog and making lists... I am a bit OCD and enjoy planning. It wasn't my child who is doing his best to walk at 8 months and growing up way to fast! I should have known but I am in denial.

 It wasn't me who didn't go to Skylar's soccer practice on Friday because it wasn't the baby who just was indifferent. It wasn't my princess that came home disappointed because two boys from her soccer team were teasing her. One of which is her little boyfriend. He pleaded that she put her cleats on him and hit him because he took the ball from him. She denied such a story. So I grounded her and his mom grounded him. We both gave in early at 5 pm yesterday from a full weekend of no friends lol. They are much easier to deal with when they are together versus apart lol.

I would never buy Gymbobucks just so I could buy more Gymboree stuff.. Hey but it was half off! It wasn't me that was ready full cart ready to check out when I really just wanted ONE onesie... IE crashed and when I came back the onesie was gone so I replaced it with more stuff lmao.
Wanted Little Aviator Onesie 6-12 months lol

Meal Planning Monday

Monday-- Left over Goolash
Tuesday -- Pizza
Wednesday -- Garlic Chicken
Thursday -- Sloppy Joes
Friday --  sandwhiches
Saturday --Chicken and Biscuits

I am being tight on the grocery money and trying to use up what's in the pantry this week. So its not very nutricious or adventurous but its there lol. What's on your menu this week? Want to share a recipe with me that we will love?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Learning How to Bend

What song is stuck in your head this week?

Learning How to Bend by Gary Allan.

I have had some much worry over what could have been turned into regret. So much fear that I didn't make some of the right choices. Trying to remember to be thankful for what I DO have. I am asked, will you miss having a baby? No I won't miss having a baby. If I spend too much time missing a baby I won't enjoy the time I do have. Before I know it he will be seven with a sassy mouth that never wants to be home. Rick and I were overwhelmed just how fast its been lately. 17 months ago I found out I was pregnant. Over 6 months ago William was Christened and now I am planning his first birthday! Time to remind myself again to slow down and smell the roses a LITTLE longer. I know when to relax and just pay attention but maybe not enough?

I often wondered since we had to quick hurry and buy this house was it the right choice for our family due to Rick not having a job to pay for the mortgage next month... Then I am reminded it was in all God's master plans to introduce me to my neighbor because my life wouldn't be the same without them. Neither would be Skylar's (we are already deciding to get a plot of land with 4 houses so when Skylar and Aidan get married they will be a few steps away LOLOL)

My church is doing wonderful things in my life and there is a reason why I started going there a year ago. I could go on and on but I am learning how to bend and let Rick in. I can learn to pray. I can learn to let Rick try to do things and work with him. Team work makes dreams work :)


I'm still learning how to pray

Trying hard not to stray

Try to see things your way

I'm still learning how to pray

I'm still learning how to trust

It's so hard to open up

And I'd do anything for us

I'm still learning how to trust


I'm still learning how to bend

How to let you in

In a world full of tears

We'll conquer all our fears

I'm still learning how to fly

I wanna take you higher

I'll be there till the end

I'll be your lover and your friend

I'm still learning how to bend

I'm just trying to understand

It's all in someone else's hands

There's always been a bigger plan

But I don't need to understand


I'm still learning how to bend

How to let you in

In a world full of tears

We'll conquer all our fears

I'm still learning how to fly

I wanna take you higher

I'll be there till the end

I'll be your lover and your friend

I'm still learning how to bend

I'll be there till the end

I'll be your lover and your friend

I'm still learning how to bend

I'm still learning how to bend

I'll be there till the end

I'm still learning how to bend

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stamp GIve Away

So I am a Close to My Heart consultant but I haven't done anything with it and I really need to resign or really try to get some sales going. I could use some help figuring it out. Anyways... My friend Crystal is also a CTMH Consultant and she's doing pretty well at it and she is giving away the Feburary Stamp of the Month. Its a sweet stamp called Piece of cake and its worth $22.95! So go over to Crazy Crafting Mom and enter to win (or win it for me haha)
Don't forget to tell her how you heard about it

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another blog I am going to read as often as possible

Rants from Mommyland She's a mom with a husband who is deployed the comination couldn't be funnier! LOL

Thank You Thursday

1. I am Thankful for rent money lol
2. I am thankful for the lady down at 118 that had tons of stuff new in a box or with new with tags and most of it was with a dollar. I do find her kind of suspicious because she had like 20 pairs of joe boxer flip flops brand new identically the same and all size 11.... Along with the other 15 pairs of size 11 brand new shoes.

3. I am thankful for the Army wife who sold me a good set of Little People for a good price. Skylar and William's first Little Peoples!
4. I am thankful for a great birthday. Thoughtful gifts from my dear neighbor and friend, My step son drew me a picture, My husband brought me a new necklace to put my charm on. PLUS I got to eat at not one BUT TWO of my favorite resturants. I might even try to sneak in a Blondie from Applebee's tomorrow night LMAO. All my wonderful offline and online friends that sent birthday wishes.
5. I am thankful for the home warranty and USAA.
6. I am thankful for my son once changed and fed he cuddled next to me for an extra two hours of sleep this morning while my husband and daughter made due and got her off to school.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tempt my Tummy Tuesdays

Blessed with Grace

So last month I posted about a Cinnamon Tea Cake recipe that was from my childhood. I try to cheat my cellulite and tell myself its healthier because it lacks frosting haha. Here is the blog post here

I haven't made it into a cake yet just cupcakes and well I think its easier to glaze them....

So here is how I do it...
I like Skylar's help on this too.
We get a yellow cake mix (or from scratch if your the not so fast mom lol)
We grease and line the cupcake cups with cinnamon. Sometimes I sprinkle Cinnamon in the batter too. Depends on how you like your cinnamon lol. bake with the directions on the box.

Once the cupcakes are done and cooled.
In a saucepan melt 1 tablespoon of butter with 1 tablespoon of white sugar and a ½ of a teaspoon of cinnamon to create a glaze. I turn each cupcake upside down and run through the glaze to cover the top of the cupcake. Then I sprinkle each with a cinnamon and sugar mix (I keep it on hand because I love Cinnamon Toast and Cinnamon on my bagels)
So yum!

Also those who are interested in my Hungarian Goolash


8 oz. wide noodles

2 c. thin sliced onions

2 to 3 tbsp. flour

1 tbsp. paprika

1 1/2 lbs. hamburger

2 tsp. salt

1/8 tsp. pepper

1 bay leaf

1 qt. stewed tomatoes

1 c. thin sliced celery

Dash of garlic powder

Pinch of parsley flakes

Brown ground beef; add flour, then remaining ingredients except noodles. Cook until celery and onions are tender, but not cooked to pieces. Cook noodles according to package directions. Add 2 tablespoons butter. Place in large platter. Pour goulash over noodles and serve

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reposting Wall Scuff Video

Can you imagine Child Protective Services or the police being called because your house smells like vodka? LOL

Not Me Monday

Well it wasn't me that was overhearing Skylar's coach tell her that he would like her to work on a new position to the right of the goal. When he was finished talking knowing my sweet blonde didn't absorb most of it and asked her Skylar where is your right? LOL
It wasn't my child who isn't sure which goal to kick the ball in and the fact that she says Out of Balance instead of Out of bounds lol

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Willowbrook WOW

Tomorrow will be our one year Annivesary since we started attended Willowbrook Baptist Church. We were attending church on post and I am not sure what made us want to find something better. But Easter Sunday 2009 we started going to Willowbrook. I knew people that already attended there so I wanted to feel more comfortable. The attendance that Sunday was over Three THOUSAND people. Easter Sunday 2010 Willowbrook decided to open a Madison campus which is closer to our new house (the other campus is a 30 minute drive) we decided to be part of hte launch team we are so passionate about the message and our Pastor Mark. He is A--- MAZING! Of course last week William was sick and so was I so we skipped church. We went to the new campus this week that has 350 chairs. It seats a maxium of 350 people according to the fire marshall. Okay we RAN out of chairs! Easter Sunday we had a special two services at WAM (Willowbrook at Madison) and a total of about 400 people at our campus and 4000 at the main campus. I think Mark said 20 people were baptised last week at WAM. another 20 at the main campus. Can we just stop and say WOW that is amazing. Honestly I haven't listened to last weeks message. You can hear Mark on his commericals and But if people went home and turned around and came back to church to be Baptized thats serious! The message most of been powerful! I want to thank anyone in Madison and Huntsville and the surrounding areas that came. Coming to any church is great. But Mark's message is something special to Rick and I. He will do amazing things in his life. If you don't live near Huntsville. I am telling you. Listen online! I am proud to be part of such an amazing church.

I know the numbers seem huge but once your in your bible study, Sunday school class, or even the venue's I promise you don't get lost. I always seemed to feel that way because I came from being raised in a tiny church. Its just not that way at Willowbrook. Mark wants to talk to everyone. Mark wants to meet everyone and help everyone. He does amazing things.

wall Scuffs

The only problem of that is smelling like alcohol lol

Prayer Log

Here is my prayer list for the week
1. I am an Army Wife, Air Force/Navy Daughter, Army Mom, Airforce sister, and my grandfather was in Korea as a Marine. My first prayer is to keep Alex safe and bring him home safetly. May God's great hand guide him through his trials and surround him with safety. I pray for my friends husbands who are currently deployed or preparing for deployment. As well as other family members and friends. You guys ARE hero's!
If your loved one is deployed give me their first name and last initial and branch and they will be added every week.

2. I pray for my friends who are recently seperated from their husband under not the best of circumstances but I know both ladies are really strong and will do a fabulous job!

3. I pray that Rick will find a job SOON

4. I pray to keep my kids safe and healthy. Mackenzie will eventually be home where he belongs.

5. I pray for my country and our president, and law makers.

6. I pray for my marriage.

7. I pray for health of my family. especially my mother and Step father who was recently diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

8. I pray for my sisters, nieces, and nephews...

9. I pray for my church in their new endeavor

10. I pray for my friends pregnancies :) Happy and Healthy

God Will provide! Can I pray for you?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

US Mother Ships Adopted Boy Back to Russia

as someone who was pretty much all but legally adopted as well as a mother of a child that is adopted. This angers me. I realize that most of these children have FAS but does that mean they don't need love? What if their own child had a condition.

What do you think of this mother? My first thought is she shouldn't be able to adopt again?
Adopted Mother sends son back to Russia

Getting to Know Me April 10th edition

  1. My birthday is on Tuesday I will be 31. I will age gracefully. My children aging on the other hand breaks my heart.
  2. I was born in Westminster California.
  3. My biological father lives in California. As well as my half siblings Jessica and Gary. I haven't seen them since I was 10.
  4. A lady got me as a ward of the state at the age of 12. I owe her so much
  5. She doesn't speak to me anymore since I moved to Alabama.
  6. I am okay with it now.
  7. My biological mother lives in Georgia. I visit as often as I can.
  8. I have two biological sisters. One has three sons, the other has a boy girl set of twins and one older daughter.
  9. My middle sister is an Air Force Wife and she was in the AF herself.
  10. I have two sons and a daughter biologically. I have two step sons as well.
  11. I am an Army Wife and An Army "Mom"
  12. I am a poet but don't write as much as I did in High school
  13. I believe in Attachment Parenting
  14. I am a Christian that believes in some Jewish Fundimental beliefs
  15. Rick is my second marriage. I was a widow when he met me.
  16. I was married, with two kids, and a widow at my Step sons age.
  17. My Maternal Grandmother is my Guardian Angel. I dream of her often but I never met her outside of my dreams.
  18. I think my cat Lightening has manifested herself in our two cats since she passed away in October.
  19. I don't want William to learn to walk yet.
  20. I would love to be a photographer but don't think God gave me that talent.
  21. I love to sing but i don't have that talent either.
  22. I love shoes but my feet are too weird for the fancier dress shoes
  23. I love scrapbooking
  24. I love decorating
  25. I love shopping
  26. I love Star Wars but I am not into sci fi... My husband is and its weird we work out lol
  27. Seaquest DSV is another one of my favorites
  28. I had two c-sections. I wanted a VBAC.
  29. I am from the Home of the Gone with the Wind Story. Wouldn't it be neat to say your from the home of Sound of Music?
  30. Marketing, Serial Killers, Classic Litature... are interesting to me.
  31. My male friend says I am like a boy trapped in a girls body because I know alot about cars lol
  32. my favorite person other than my kids died July 22, 2002 ... when my oldest was nearly 2 months old. My favorite person is my Grand Father we call Papa Bear.
  33. Tulips remind me of Papa Bear
  34. Diamonds are my birth stones and I like them but Blood Diamonds make me prefer Sapphires.
  35. Sapphires aren't any of my kids birth stones
  36. Rick is 15 years older than me. He may have robbed the cradle but it was the best damn cradle.
  37. Rick is 15 years older than me but in many ways I have more real life experience
  38. Rick has been to war Twice.
  39. I have read the bible. probably more than once
  40. I am a bit of a pack rat.
  41. I have had the same doll since I was 3
  42. I love my head rubbed and have since I was little
  43. I have had surgeries done on my face, hand, foot, arm, head, leg, stomach, mouth, ears, nose, fingers, toes...
  44. I was born with a sixth toe on my right foot and a webbed finger also on my right (hand)
  45. I would like to be a zoologist
  46. I look up to Jack Hannah, Steve Irwin, and Bindi is an awesome person for her age
  47. I am pro life and proud if it bothers you I would rather not speak to you.
  48. I don't like Walmart and rarely shop there. If I can't find it at Target or Kmart I don't really need it.
  49. I have two cats and a bird for my pets
  50. Dove is better than Godiva chocolate.

William's first Easter April 3 2010

William had a high fever from Wednesday till Saturday night. I stayed home Sunday just to make sure that William wouldn't get re infected or gotten something else since I think his immune system needed another day to recover. However since the older kids complained about not getting enough eggs at the Park's egg hunt I thought it would be a good idea to have one in my yard for them and the babies. My neighbor has kids the same ages as mine ((7 years and 8 months)) Brittany, Aidan and Brendan came over for a little bit then Brittany had to leave to put Brendan down for a nap. She Came back a few hours later and I sent everyone home with burgers and hot dogs intended for lunch. James shook a coke and it exploded and proceeded to have a temper tantrum then I came down with a migraine. ugh
Pictures Picture Album

William's first Easter April 3 2010

William had a high fever from Wednesday till Saturday night. I stayed home Sunday just to make sure that William wouldn't get re infected or gotten something else since I think his immune system needed another day to recover. However since the older kids complained about not getting enough eggs at the Park's egg hunt I thought it would be a good idea to have one in my yard for them and the babies. My neighbor has kids the same ages as mine ((7 years and 8 months)) Brittany, Aidan and Brendan came over for a little bit then Brittany had to leave to put Brendan down for a nap. She Came back a few hours later and I sent everyone home with burgers and hot dogs intended for lunch. James shook a coke and it exploded and proceeded to have a temper tantrum then I came down with a migraine. ugh
Pictures Picture Album

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Experience with my Breastfeeding

With my oldest born. I didn't have alot of support except people telling me I HAD to breast pump. It was really intimidating. I was very young and very modest. I did give it honest effort. I left the hospital after three days and visited the in laws. Engoregement wasn't something I was prepared for. Everytime i turned around my Mother In Law at the time kept giving him a bottle telling me breastfeeding was vulgar. Of course I knew that was ridiculous.
With my second I tried and did it for up to six months. I had her peditrician tell me I was starving her and to supplement with formula. I thought he was more pro breastfeeding since his wife nursed for two years. Finally when my daughter was 6 months old I had to have major surgery and even though the La Leche League told me it was safe to breastfeed with Morphine in my system. I didn't feel right about it and I was going to be hospitalized three days. So she was switched to formula for good at that time.
Now this is my last child and I got lucky and found a barely used Pump In Style for a price I could afford. i had tried all the other brands with the last baby in hopes of salvaging my mess. I knew the pump in style would be awesome. At this time I had remarried before becoming pregnant and my husbands youngest sound just wasn't comfortable with the pumping although he had gotten more used to the idea of nursing. Down the road I am still nursing and I am so glad I haven't given up...
My Pump In Style has been great for road trips etc... I am giving it up and all its accessories to my pregnant friend because I want to give her as much breastfeeding support as I can. At the same time Rick is retiring from the Army and I might have to go back to work. I am afraid of the thought of giving up now at 8 months. I am afraid of giving up my pump too.

I entered a give away at to win a new pump

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Deployment Conversations are frustrating.

Alex called this morning to ask for his mothers number which as far as I know is disconnected. I know I have to try and refrain from giving him the third degree. I need to not ask OPSEC questions. Even though we are dying to know what happened. He did say he was "moving" to another area that is safer. He hasn't been busy with work... Does that mean he can't work? Its so awkward for me to talk to someone who is deployed because I know what they need to hear. They need to hear Skylar like speak where she is so excited on the phone she talks about the colors of the toys in the toy box. He asked how his younger siblings were and I give him the quick break down because in my mind no one wants to listen to the mundane, monotone, humdrum of real life drama. So its hard for me to give him Skylar speak, not be nagging or asking questions, don't violate Opsec, all awhile try not to think that the boring stories bore him too. I tell him the basics that Rick is looking for a civilian job, That James is still in therapy and going to tutoring to help his math skills (with what I disagree with), Skylar's doing okay in school but needs improvement. Shes definitely learning but at the same time the teacher tells us that she is having problems but won't speak to us so I had to sick the Army officials on her ass, That Skylar started soccer but took one to the head for the team to score a goal lol. That she is on an all boy team. Then William who has had his virus but seems to be okay now, That he is trying to learn to stand and being the little mischievous one. How Skylar and James get along most of the time and can work together. Etc. I told him a little about our marriage retreat then I feel like well he probably hears every other sentence due to the connection lmao. Then get frustrated at myself again lol. God I love Deployment 6 more months to go, I said to him see you in October or September and he said maybe sooner... THATS NOT GOOD! UGH