Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays

This momma is sick with a bug of some type or a killer cycle. Anywho I think I am going to take it easy on my stomach and just make some chicken soup from a box hehe and enjoy it and let my favorite Soldier take care of the lil ones.

I wanted to bake a Cinnamon Tea Cake. Its a yummy thing my "adopted mom" used to make me and I never put two and two together to make it for myself. Then one day at our Dave Ramsey Class there it appeared and the taste was like a reminisce of YUM. I asked the baker for the recipe (she was also taking the class) She got short with me and told me NO I couldn't have the recipe it was her prize winning cake and she planned on opening a bakery with this signature cake. HA!

Alrighty then. So I googled it and I am going to give a try. But today my stomach isn't up to par. I am under quarantine and just taking a half of a day off. Maybe Saturday if I am not busy or Monday afternoon once Skylar comes home from school.

My mom used to make Chicken and Rice when I was real little and we didn't have a lot of money. I asked as an adult what she did and my mother is one of those cooks that doesn't do recipes she doesn't measure she is just like auto pilot... All she said was take some chicken breasts into a pan with a little water and rice and it will cook up... I know there is more too this but WHAT? I want some!

What's tempting your tummy this Tuesday?

What's for dinner?

Do you want to share a recipe?

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