Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Weekend

Thursday we left for a marriage retreat in Town Creek, AL.. Bought and paid for by the Army... Thank You Uncle Sam. As often as I bitch about you... you can give me something good every once in awhile. It was also sort to speak our last Hooah since it won't be long until Rick retires. Our accomidations were at the Doublehead Resort. In the mornings we had class and in the afternoons we were free to do whatever we wanted. They provided us with meals and it was so nice :). Skylar enjoyed the free time with the other kids and of course getting to run all over outdoors on a nice 70 degree weekend. (its back to being cold now) Saturday we tried to go horseback riding but they were booked up and we couldn't do it as a family so I decided against it. Skylar and I will do it when she is a little bigger. Thats more important to me. Rick decided we should take a short trip to  Tuscumbia, Alabama to see Ivy Green. Which is the birthplace and childhood home of Helen Keller. Beatrix Potter, Amelia Earhart, and Helen Keller are some of my favorite women of history. None of them stuck to what was expected of them but went on to make new expectations of others. As Marilyn Monroe once said. Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History...
It was interesting to walk the steps she took. It was interesting to see the cradle from the stories, The dining room where she had a food fight with Annie Sullivan. Of course the Water Well that we all know so well too!
During the Lessons of the Marriage Retreat I really enjoyed Chaplain Fisher and his wife Sara's stories. His teaching style kept me interested and of course I felt like maybe I talked too much haha! I always have input! The first day we dug in deep to the seven love languages. We even talked about what potential love languages the children have. We went over a little of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. We are currently enrolled in his class now. We did "The Seven principles for Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman and its not religous based as so many of the other books are. I still have SO many questions but I don't know if Chaplain Fisher has the answers for me. Oh well leave it to me LOL.. But overall it was a great experience.
Rick and I laughed about it on Sunday but they were doing hunting on the resort and we thought mixing that with PTSD was a bad idea haha. I would have liked more socializing as a group. I know its a marriage retreat so it was encouraged that the families spend time with their own but a BBQ or a Bon Fire on the last night would have been nice :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vintage Pearl Giveaway

Jennifer @ A Day in the Life of a SAHM is offering a generous give away with Vintage Pearl. Check out her blog and the beautiful items at Vintage Pearl. I like the Dainty Drops, I love you to the Moon and back and the baby spoons :) What's your favorite piece? Would you believe Pam @ TroopPetrie also wants to win? LOL hit her up too!

Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays

This momma is sick with a bug of some type or a killer cycle. Anywho I think I am going to take it easy on my stomach and just make some chicken soup from a box hehe and enjoy it and let my favorite Soldier take care of the lil ones.

I wanted to bake a Cinnamon Tea Cake. Its a yummy thing my "adopted mom" used to make me and I never put two and two together to make it for myself. Then one day at our Dave Ramsey Class there it appeared and the taste was like a reminisce of YUM. I asked the baker for the recipe (she was also taking the class) She got short with me and told me NO I couldn't have the recipe it was her prize winning cake and she planned on opening a bakery with this signature cake. HA!

Alrighty then. So I googled it and I am going to give a try. But today my stomach isn't up to par. I am under quarantine and just taking a half of a day off. Maybe Saturday if I am not busy or Monday afternoon once Skylar comes home from school.

My mom used to make Chicken and Rice when I was real little and we didn't have a lot of money. I asked as an adult what she did and my mother is one of those cooks that doesn't do recipes she doesn't measure she is just like auto pilot... All she said was take some chicken breasts into a pan with a little water and rice and it will cook up... I know there is more too this but WHAT? I want some!

What's tempting your tummy this Tuesday?

What's for dinner?

Do you want to share a recipe?

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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Not Me Monday"

It wasn't me that HAD to have the Shark Steam Mop and I am sadly disappointed in it and would sell it for about $40 to anyone who wanted it LOL.


I should have gotten the Hoover!

It wasn't my child who was banging it on the floor mopping his bathroom with it. When I tried to explain you use it like when you steam clothes with an iron that he had never ironed clothes before. 22 years old and never used an iron? Say WHAT? I looked at Rick and said your in BIG trouble!