Monday, January 4, 2010

Project 365

Saturday we took James to work then went to the mall. Rick got a hair cut while I did some shopping. I went to Children's Place and got William and Skylar Christmas Pajama's for next year, Skylar a hat and William a pair of blue jeans then I went to Gymboree and got two t-shirts for William, a pair of shorts, and another pair of pajama's for Skylar for a total of $3.00 and change. Then we met my neighbors at a place we have never been before called Southerlands they have train sets, collectable dolls, play mobile sets, Melissa & Doug brand toys, doll house & castle play sets, baby stuff, crafts, art supplies, puppets, dress up stuff, Christmas villages... Etc Then we went to sci-quest the science museum. Today we need groceries and playing hookey from church because Rick has surgery tomorrow.

William is 5 months old today

His update coming soon on his blog

My hubby was such a trooper today and through it all he was still worried about not being able to take care of me. His tests came out 99% clear there is no short term danger thankfully. I am proud of him and love him. What a day we had.

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T Sharee said...

My friend makes some great things for children, and since your husband is a soldier I thought you may want some of these! Love your blog!