Sunday, December 20, 2009

busy holiday

   Santa came to visit us on Saturday. Santa dropped by and left Barnaby our Elf on a Shelf and a note for Skylar when she wakes up along with William and her Christmas Build a Bears...


A note from Santa about Barnaby our Elf on the Shelf.


Barnaby and his story... (also has a work book)


Frosty the Snowman build a Bear


This is Curly Chris the Family Santa Build A Bear


This is Snow Bell. She has a part time job as Santa's elf off season she's an ice skater.

This is Skylar's BAB. She actually picked this exact bear out but it was too busy to build her that day.


Juneau William's first Christmas polar bear BAB. Off season he's an astronaut to match William's room.

Saturday we had Operation Christmas Bear. Operation Christmas Bear is a thing put on by several groups to support our troops and those who have husbands deployed as a civilian or in the military


Operation Christmas Bear Pictures [x here x]

We've been to the Galaxy of Lights put on by the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.

Its a drive through light displays


Galaxy of Lights Pictures [x here x]

We've had breakfast with Santa

DSCN1298 DSCN1303

Breakfast With Santa Pictures [x here x]

We went to the Christmas Tree Lighting at Bridge Street


Pictures are [x here x]

We had a snow day and it might snow again on Saturday wow two weekends in a row lol


Snow Day Pictures [x here x]

Oh and if you want to see my tree's and the rest of my decorations :) The Pictures are [x here x]

If you want to know how I make ornaments the blog is [x here x]

We have his, hers and ours tree's LOL. I married Rick almost 3 years ago so some of the stuff we brought into the marriage. He has his Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I have my old 7 foot tree I used to decorate when I was younger and I begged and fought for (actually I did LOL)

Last year with the Hero's at Home program sponsered by Sears we got to purchase new tree because mine is showing signs of wear finally. Missing about two branches & sheds like mad which isn't good for a baby or our cats.


The one in the living room is my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Smörgåsbord of ornaments. Old Ornaments, Hand me decorations from all the kids except William (his is coming), We paint balls every year, we also each get a special ornament that represents us that particular year, I am always looking for Army type ornaments and a yellow ribbon, plain balls, fancy balls, some things I got when I had nothing which are going to be paying it forward next year, and white lights with an old angel on top which is going with the ornaments that I am giving away)

 Have a tree the same size in my large loft is a mixture of Santa Ornaments and painted balls etc.

Dscn1330Santatree 09

The Santa tree. 15 feet in the air (I climbed the ladder), The loft is 14 feet long x 4 feet wide. You can see the wreath above the door & the molding. lol

USAtree 09


Then I have a small Charlie brown USA Tree in the small loft.

I have a 1 ft tree with tiny ornaments and lights on it someone sent me when I had nothing and I sent it to Iraq while he was deployed

My daughter has a pink Princess tree in her room.


Don't mind the short curtains. My cat was being naughty when they were all the way down.

bye bye now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Ornaments Homemade

Every year I buy several boxes of different types of clear ornaments from Hobby Lobby. We paint them together as a family and its fairly simple even the youngest member can do it or at least help.

You need a clear glass ornament box, acrylic paint, and rubbing alcohol.
Rinse the inside of the ornaments with rubbing alcohol. Let dry for at least a day upside down. The opening facing down. I would let dry longer our paint didn't stick real well last year for some reason.

Then your going to take a few different colors of the paint and drip down different colors down the side making sure that they don't really mix unless you want them to. Cover the mouth of the ball with a paper towel. Shake REAL hard and swirl hard as well. Making the paint swirl around the inside of the globe.

Again let dry mouth facing down so the paint can drip out. Clean off the top and replace the cap and hook, once its dry. I may repeat steps if the paint runs again this year. How do you make homemade ornaments? Do you have any traditions?