Saturday, November 14, 2009


thought I would share something I wrote about the simple fact that this deployment is almost over...I hope you like it and please leave a comment....


Awaiting in the crowd
I listen to the roar
It’s finally time
Our heroes are home
Watch them march in
Looking for that one face
So many in uniform
To many to find that one single face
Dismissed is yelled
Over the roaring crowd
All hell breaks loose
Like a dam breaking down
A flood of people rush pass
I’m all in tears
Holding hands of the little ones
We’re waiting to alleviate our fears
We watch people hug and kiss
We keep looking for ours
Standing still in the mist of ciaos
We watch as the sea of people part
We first hear the familiar footsteps
Then we look and see
There’s our hero
Our soldier
A husband
A dad
A head long rush into his arms
We’re all crying tears of joy
Our hero is finally home
Home safe and sound
Standing proudly with us
In the mist of other heroes
Who safely made it home

Written by Heather Floyd

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Wife to a Soldier & Mommy to a Toddler Princess said...

That's a beautiful poem! How exciting for your deployment to be so close to being over with. One could only imagine the excitiment in a wife's heart!! Good job on making it through the year!