Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lightening and her reflection


My dear sweet Lightening passed away on Saturday. I only spent a small portion of her life with her, just a quarter. But she had become my cat over any other human in the house and she showed her loyalty and I swear to you she knew how much I loved her so for she was willing to do anything to please.

I am at peace with her passing but I miss her so. She lived a full life and was lucky enough to have more than nine lives. She had grown older gracefully, to a certain point she had calmed down from her rambunctious ways.

People were amazed at how spoiled I had become and how spoiled she was as well. She was the hunter of the family. You heard right she would hunt all the small toys or anything she felt like carrying upstairs to my bedroom door and called to me for acknowledgement. This interesting behavior started when I got pregnant with William. She had taken a liking to beef jerky and Rick's ice cream bowl later in her years. She would know when Rick had ice cream and beg for a taste which she almost always got. Even the Veterinarians okay'd giving her beef jerky if that's what she craved. She would often sit in a chair beside me at our dining room table and wait patiently to be served. She knew she couldn't touch the table if she wanted human food. She gotten spoiled by drinking out of faucets and has a water fountain for a water bowl that both cats like.

But I wanted to share one of the more recent stories about Lightening. When we moved into the new house here. We bought a floor length mirror and it was leaned for a short time up against a wall in the foyer till it could be placed where it belonged. Lightening was quite intrigued by this new thing in her world. YES its HER world. We just live in it! She saw the cat in the mirror silly thing didn't know it was her own reflection. She peeked around the side of the mirror because that mysterious cat in the mirror MUST be behind the mirror. Nope that cat wasn't there. She was confused so she tried looking behind the mirror on the other side. That cat was avoiding being caught! That MUST be it! The hunt for this mysterious reflection continued. Rick and I just chuckled at Lightening's discovery or lack of knowing what her reflection was as if she'd never seen her own reflection before.

On Monday we had Lightening cremated and put into her final resting place in a nice oak box with an engraving and her picture on it. I had rick place her collar on it and when its unpacked Lightening's very own boonie cap that she loved to lay on, on top of the shrunk until she got too sore to jump up that high and even more apprehensive to jump down. Now she can return to enjoy her perch above the living room on her comfy boonie cap. I found myself today reciting Skylar's spelling words today while touching the box in which Lightening's ashes lay. It felt so natural, as if I was touching her.

I believe the best way to memorialize someone is by sharing fond memories and I have been meaning to blog about Lightening's experience with her reflection but a busy kid life has taken its toll on my blogging.

I love Lightening and I am glad she is home again after being away for a few days. She will always be with me.

Pets are Angels walking around without wings...




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