Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prayers for Melanie

Melanie's week didn't start out a good one. I spoke and saw Melanie on Friday. By Monday she hit hard times. Today she had surgery and things are looking better.

Updates from her daughter. I am so grateful for them.


Posted Sep 6, 2009 11:06pm

Today was not a good day for Mom. She started experiencing pain in her upper left arm and weakness on her left side around 8 am this morning. She didn't tell me about it until about 9:30. We headed to the emergency room at 10:30. Her condition detoriated over the course of the day. She eventually was not able to smile or lift her left arm or leg. The doctors ordered a CT scan and an MRI. The MRI indicated that she was not having an acute stroke. It did find a benign growth on the covering of her brain. They told me it was not causing pressure on her brain.
Eventually, at about 9:30 pm Central Time, they admitted her to the hospital and placed her in a private room on the stroke unit. They will be giving her Heparin as a blood thinner and medication for hypertension because her blood pressure has been elevated.
She is in room --- at ------ Hospital. I'm sure she appreciates all your prayers and well wishes, but please do not visit her unless you call me first. My cell phone number is (---) -------- I am limiting her visitors. She is unable to get up from the bed, so she must use a bedpan to use the bathroom. She is exhausted. I would prefer that she rest and focus on getting better, rather than visiting with folks. I hope you all understand that my main concern is her well-being.


Posted 2 days ago

The neurologist has called in a vascular surgeon for consultation. The vascular surgeon has ordered more tests of her carotid artery. He has stated that he feels that the cancer tumor has caused some of the plaque to break off from the artery, and that caused the incident yesterday - which they are now categorizing as a mild stroke.
The vascular surgeon will review the test results and advise us tomorrow as to whether or not she can have the surgery on her colon, or if she must first have surgery on her carotid artery to remove the plaque. So, we are once again in a holding pattern. Once we receive more information tomorrow, I will add an update to let all of you know if she will have surgery on Wednesday.

Surgery time

Posted 1 day ago

Mom's surgery is scheduled for 8:30 AM Central time at Huntsville Hospital. I have been told that we will be in the 1st floor surgical waiting room.
She will be taken back for preparation at 7 AM. Please do not try to visit her before this time, as she may not be able to see people due to the preparations she must go through this evening.
She does feel the love that everyone is expressing for her. She continues to appreciate all your prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes!


Posted 2 hours ago

The surgery went really well today!!!!
Mom came through the surgery with flying colors and no complications. She is now in a private room and has even been able to eat some soup and jello.
The surgeon believes he has removed all of the cancer tumor. We do not yet know the stage of the cancer. That cannot be determined until the pathology results are received (which should be in 2 or 3 days).
The surgeon removed 1 to 1.5 feet of lower intestine. He was happy about the incision because it was smaller than he expected it to be.
Mom will be on aspirin to help remove the plaque in her arteries. Once she recovers from the surgery, she will also be placed on Plavix.
She is currently resting and on pain medication. I would like to renew my request that she not have any visitors - at least for a few days. Once she is feeling up to seeing people, I will let all of you know!
Thank you so much for your prayers. We really felt God's healing power today, and hope that he continues to bless her as she proceeds with her recovery.

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