Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prayers for Melanie -- update

The Good news although there is still some prayer concerns. The first doctor who performed the surgery said there was no cancer in the lymph nodes! The second doctor said it was late stage 2 cancer and things chemo will be good. She is bleeding from the surgery and had to have a blood tranfusion. That was the update yesterday.

Also from yesterday Melanie did some walking, laughed at a silly TV show, was in pain but it was intermentant. The bleeding was light but she has continued to bleed and is in tremendous pain so say a prayer for the bleeding and pain to stop and that she might be able to avoid Chemo...

The last update from 11 hours ago says she is still bleeding its lighter but hasn't stopped yet and she is still in pain. There are signs her colon is working so Praise God for that! She's not getting much rest due to the flurry of activity of the goings on in a hospital. She's not accepting vistors or phone calls. I sure hope someone is feeding her daughters who stay with her so they can avoid the cost etc of the hospital food.

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