Monday, September 7, 2009

Please Pray


This is our Therapist, our friend, Melanie.
We have been seeing her for over a year. I always have liked the idea of seeing a therapist or psychologist. I have been going to one off and on most of my life.
I wanted to take on some problems head on before they came out like my concerns for Rick coming home with PTSD, my concerns for James regressing which in some ways he did very much, I also wanted proper treatment and diagnosis for James which again I was right. Over the course of a year she has shown care and special attention and gone out of her way for us many times. James looked forward to going every week as did the rest of us.
    On the way back from Kentucky on Tuesday I got a call from Melanie and she told me the bad news that she had Colon Cancer and she would have to refer us to another therapist. On Friday we met with her and she seemed in good spirits. Her daughter who lives in Florida was there packing her office and taking care of her. James and I were both having a rough week so the news hit all of us pretty hard. Last night Melanie wasn't doing so well and was admitted into the hospital. She's due to have surgery on Wednesday. So if we could all pray or keep in our thoughts that the fine line between faith and science become one and guide the surgeons hands that will be operating and the doctors hands that are treating her. I pray that the doctors have the wisdom to give her full recovery and a long lasting life.
Please send your prayers and thoughts to her family and grand children as well who will be providing caring touch to help her through this time. She is always welcomed back in Huntsville by my family as well as others.

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