Friday, September 11, 2009

Duggars are expecting #19

In a mommy group we were discussing how the Duggar's are expecting their 19th child. I have thought a lot of things about them were honorable... So a bit different than me but this is the first I've heard of them using a practice called Blanket Training. What are your thoughts?
This is what was posted
"Blanket training" has been one of the most helpful tools for me! I only wish that I had heard about it before my 7th child came along!! The sweet lady who explained blanket training to me called it her "playpen in a purse"! This concept involves placing your baby or toddler on his/her favorite blanket, explaining to the best of their understanding that they must stay on their blanket, and then demonstrating the consequences of getting off the blanket with a small rod or switch. Simply switch the floor or carpet all around the outside edges of the blanket and firmly but sweetly say, "No, No! Don't touch!" Give your child few favorite toys to keep his attention, and switch the toys out every little bit, and that child will learn to stay on his blanket for quite a long period of time. Begin with just 3 - 5 minutes with very young children, and after practicing every day for several weeks, he will build up his time to play happily on that blanket until he can stay there for an hour or more! What a joy and a help this was to me when I had the older 6 children in school and needed to spend time with them! The joy of this training is that you can fold that blanket up, put it in the diaper bag, and take it easily to a friend's house, or visiting new church members, and your child will sit quietly without disrupting the visit! One of my pet peeves is when folks come to visit and just "unleash" their children to invade every room of your home! What chaos! This blanket training is easily converted to "church training" when you begin taking your young child into the services. Simply fold the blanket and put it on the pew and your child will already understand the limitations and rules!


Olenka said...

um yeah good luck with that one lol.

ABW said...

19 My problem with the Duggars is that they assign an older child to take care of the younger ones. The littlest ones stay with mom until about 2 I think, then they get assigned a helper (older child) who is responsible for them. Shoot, I could have 19 kids too if I did it that way! The other thing I didn't like about their system is that they made the children sign up to have one on one time with them. They shouldn't have to sign up for time with their parents, their parents should be there for them all the time!!!