Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy Knows Everything! See I told you!

Skylar walks into my door way with her Dora blanket covering the front of her body. She says Mommy I love you. I love you too baby I reply. I said what's wrong? She says nothing. I ask her again. She repeats herself. Then the cat follows her in and cries. So she makes a quick escape (Skylar does) a few minutes later I said Skylar! She comes in again with the same look and the Dora Blanket. I said come give mommy a kiss. I move the blanket and see marker on her clothes. I said Skylar you colored on yourself! She's like yup!. I was like see Mommy knew something was wrong.Mommy's know everything! She says I know that! I said why did you try and hide it then? She says I tried washing it off! I said well hop your butt into the bath lol.

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