Friday, June 19, 2009

More house shopping tomorrow

Well things we really want are 4 bedroom 3 bath, a garage, some play area space whether it be a den or formal dining room type area, not too far from post so I am not stranded without a car and Rick doesn't have an hour drive to work and we are looking about 2000 sq feet or more. I really dislike some bath fixtures some houses have I am picky about that because I am all green and saving the planet but I like my water pressure too lolol. I don't like the microwave over the stove but that could just be me and I will need to get used to it.

I would ideally like but probably not in our price range find a Mother In Law suite-ish type area for James our 21 year old. Perhaps something like a finished basement. Fenced in back yard. Somewhere outside the military school district so I don't have to do the monthly sorry your friend moved away thing. Walk in closets. Rick would like a glamour bath lol. I'd say in the next two months if we don't find what we want in an established home we will probably lean closer to building what we want.

So we are also thinking about floor plans its just frustrating because the floor plans we like can't be built where we want and or we would love to mesh features of each floor plan together to make one that's perfect for us lol. Depending on the builder it takes up to 7 months to build a house to completion. One Builder Hunter is the more bang for your buck builder but no where in the area we want it in. We can get 1000 more sq feet for what we can afford. Plus they are the type to start you off with like bare minimum and then you can customize.. Like a steel frame of a car and you have to add windows, doors, door locks, brakes, radio, steering wheel kwim? So you have to be nit picky but you also get every detail the way you want it you just have to pay for it. Hunter is not as architecturally beautiful its actually quite fugly lol.. But its the Square footage that is the selling point that it is. Adam's however is made of all brick, his has plant shelves build in, a lot of storage built in. We kinda like them and we pretty much know more than anyone else about the floor plans and properties in our area lol. This is one of our favorites . Again you have your add on's like we would like the screened in porch and fence etc... Not as bad as Hunter though. Millennium homes are HUGE mostly brick a little high on the price range for what we want and it can be a distance from post. The floor plans for that one are on the bottom. Again your getting a lot of BANG and upgrades for your buck and most of its included in the price and not added on afterward but it is at the very tip of way too expensive in our comfort range. We could swing it but choose not too probably. The last one is Breland. I call Breland the dark side because they started out as the people that owned the land and made it suitable to build and then when Hunter and Adams' didn't provide they took over lol. They are a little cozy compared to the others but we finally found one floor plan I could learn to live with and that's only because they did offer a 3rd bathroom. Its still the isolated Master which we DON'T want. As you see below. The Master is on the far right of the floor plan with the glamour bath and you have to walk clear across the house at 3 am to feed William. Rick and I looked in this one and liked it we just want to see what's better lol
Back track here. To another blog about house shopping lol

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