Monday, June 1, 2009


I've loved the Titanic since I saw the 1997 movie in the Theater and was waltzing in the aisles as they played my heart will go on. Matter of fact I have been mini obsessed with it. As I have the same with Phantom of the Opera and Star Wars... just a few things my first husband did leave me. Yesterday was the anniversary of the launch of the Titanic. I woke up Sunday morning to Rick watching A Night to Remember which is based mostly on fact of stories that were told from the night one of the most beautiful ships hit an iceberg. So that got us talking about the most famous of the crew. I started going back through the history and the book A Night to Remember which is on my night stand. We came to the articles about Millvina who was the last known survivor of the Titanic. She was either 9 weeks old or 12 weeks old when the ship sank according to reports. This morning Rick told me Millvina Dean died last night on the Anniversary of the launch. It was weird we discussed her and was reading stuff about the Titanic. Then she passed away. Okay so I am seriously a history NERD... I know that Ms. Dean's brother died 80 years after the sinking of the titanic he too was a survivor of the ship's catastrophy! I just thought that it was very interesting. If you take the time to read some of the history of the titanic and learn just about the famous people on the ship its very cool!

Millvina Dean

RMS Titanic

More about Titanic!

A Night to Remember

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