Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Speaking of my feelings

Never make someone your priority when you remain their option.

In the past few months I have come to an ephimany. I realized how much I've grown and changed for the better. How much happier I am with my life and that I am finally at a stable ground.

I can think more clearly now.

Some people have disappointed me. I feel like some of these people just can't stand to see me happy. They want me to wallow in their own disappointment and hard ships. True friends and family that really cares should be the type to have unconditional love and support. Not just when they want to be fair weathered. I am done with that.

Since the recent events have happened I have decided I was going to clean out my closet. I shrug off those people that can only critize me. Those who only have negative things to say to me. Those who seem to have been my life long friends but only count on Bella when times get hard. Bella isn't your free therapist.

I am tired of those friends who only talk to me when times are rough for them and expect me to drop everything to be there for them but when I need an ear or some advice either they blow me off or only talk down to me.

I am tired of those friends who think they can treat me like however they feel because I've known them a life time. I am sorry that no longer cuts it. If your the kind of friend that wants to bring drama into my life then you will be disappointed just as quickly by my lack of interest. If your a true friend I will be there for you when your having a bad day but YES I expect the same in return.

Don't call to only talk about yourself, bitch about your spouse or your life, Don't call me just to find out how so and so is... if you want to know call them yourself. Oh yeah incase you didn't take the hint I get it you like what you bought yourself I don't need to hear everyday about how much money you spend and then the next minute the lack of money you have.

Finally if any of this offends you then I am sorry if you are a TRUE friend then you know that I am a bluntly honest person. I come off like a bitch. I am who I am love me or hate me. I rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. Accept me, love me, be my friend for who I am. Who I am is honest, loyal, thoughtful, giving, and real. If you can't take that then find someone that can be there for you during your melt downs, during your pity parties, someone that will be willing to take your trap. I am not into it and I don't need to feel like people constantly ditch me and question why people don't like me.

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