Monday, June 8, 2009

My Day

I am sorry I didn't realize I haven't been getting mail all day. I don't know if it was bouncing back or what. I sent my stuff on Friday. I checked yahoo groups as well and I wasn't bouncing there... So weird that mail wasn't coming through. But I know I wasn't getting mail the whole day. I went to my OB appointment and I am measuring a whopping 4 weeks ahead but I only gained 4 lbs :) The doctor didn't make me go on Iron Pills HOOOAH he said I can double up on Flinstones! He scored points! I also discussed with him about me being frightening of my PTSD interfering with the c-section and he said not to worry he can do a c-section in under 20 minutes lol and I can have loopy medicine as soon as William is out which takes 5 minutes or less. Then I went shopping because our house closed today and I get a little spending money for William. I got only good deals too. Eddie Bauer diaper back pack for $12 or so... And all the bath stuff he needs for under $20. Then I got almost all the rest of his bedding except for two pieces. So I can sale his old bedding finally. I wish I could make what I paid for it! I may have to sell it on Ebay to get that. I get all shiney and happy when I do things and accomplish goals relating to my children. I cleaned his "room" and it makes me SOO happy. Being anemic makes me feel like junk though I am soooo tired.

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