Sunday, June 7, 2009

House Shopping

Sometimes Rick and I just go out and look for houses for sale. We might build a house but I would perfer if I can find what I want in an established home. I am shooting the bar high but if I spend that money shouldn't I get EVERYTHING I want?

Somethings that would be a plus when buying a house
* James needs his own space, privacy, His own bathroom, Even so like a finished basement or mother in law suite or second isolated Master.
* Four Bedrooms are a MUST. 2 bathrooms three preferred. Half baths don't count! Master must not be isolated (I don't want to be seperated from William or Skylar.
* Rick would like whirlpool in the master bath which most built houses come with. Also pretty big closets.
* Rick would like a garage.
* A fenced in back yard big enough for the kids to grow into. to Enjoy
* I think a nice sized kitchen is important.

Things we don't like about this house.... Small utility room, age of house, The kitchen features, the master bath, integrity of the house, Price is about 50 K more than we want. It will be alot of up keep I know with the outdoors especially. Stairs have pluses and minuses.... Garage is only good for storage. Too small for my car.

This is the laundry room I think its teeny tiny and my washer would never fit in there. Where do you put the laundry? This is a big negative!

The Family room complete with Cat door to go outside.. Too funny! Opens up to the kitchen and sliding glass door to go to the nice backyard.

Nice patio but I see the world involved too!

Smallish dining room which is okay for us for now. We don't have a Formal dining set.

Part of the backyard it comes with the swing set.

This would be James room. It has shelves and space for a desk. Its on the bottom level and it has its own entrance and own bath 3/4 bath I think its called?

another view of the family room.

Ah see James would fight me for this area. This is screaming for a scrapbook area :) Don't you think?

Part of the smallish kitchen. I hate the microwave over the range. Its very clusterphobic too. That would have to go.

Huge deck! It also has a gate leading right to the Elementary school and middle schools :)

One of the bedrooms on the top floor.

The area leading to the HOT TUB! No peeking adults ONLY :)

The front of the house its not very beautiful.. I am not in love but it suits my current needs within a reasonable amount which is hard for me to find EVERYTHING I want in one house. Even if we build one.

There is a sitting garden here with Koi pond and blueberries and raspberries.

This would be James is bath

Another upstairs room

More hot tub views :)

Upstairs hall way

So what do you think?

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Olenka said...

OOH that has a little charm to it for sure! and that *Scrapbook room ahhh the dream lol.