Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good friends and Tragedy.

My fellow Army Wife friend Crystal has a darling neighbor she's been bugging me to meet because we are both pregnant and both having boys. We also have little girls. Heather's daughters name is Maggie and she is four and a half or five. Heather's husband is deployed at hte moment and we all know what I think of Pregnant Army Wives while their husband's are gone. Crystal's husband is doing a hardship tour in Korea as well. She has a teenage son and two teenage  and preteen age step daughters. Crystal being the sweetheart she is threw me my baby shower. Both ladies have had a tough time recently with medical problems too. So we planned a lunch. Crystals like yeah come over but I need to go grocery shopping lol. I was like oh well we can order a pizza?  Then I went to the commissary and I am like wait I can just bring lunch so I made Chicken Salad and took stuff my family would never eat. So I had fun preparing and serving lunch and Skylar loved Maggie. I heard this morning of Farrah Fawcett had passed away and I quickly asked did she get a chance to marry her long time love? The answer was no. Rick dropped me off at Crystal's for lunch and went to take his mid term. Then he came back to get me. I needed to go home and get some clothes out of the garage I knew Maggie could wear or would wear I wanted to get rid of anyways. I had Crystal's card for the digital camera. I took Rick back to work and then went back to Crystals to watch the girls and giggle. It was a good time and I miss time with friends at times. I had to leave nearly at  four to pick up James at work but he walked home early. So I went by ACS for Heather and then I dropped by Rick's work to just say hello but ended up staying until he locked up the office. We came home started dinner and the Microwave blew. So I went to my neighbor to finish microwaving my dinner and they were all gathered around the TV freaking out. It was CNN and TMZ talking about Michael Jackson's death. The legend is still true they die in three's.

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My Army Brats and Me said...

So sad. I could not believe it either.